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Is Lauren Swanson Pregnant? Fans think they see a baby bump

October 27, 2018 Entertainment 2 Views It was about four months since Josiah Duggar and his new bride Lauren Swanson…

It was about four months since Josiah Duggar and his new bride Lauren Swanson knoted the knot – which in the Duggar world means they are about a month late to announce that they expect. Although the couple have not shared any special news yet, the fans have basically been waiting for an announcement since the day after their wedding. And now some fans believe there may be one on the road, because they are pretty sure they have discovered a childbirth in the couple’s newest Instagram image. Watch the video above to check it out and do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel .

This is not the first time there have been rumors about Si and Lauren. After all, Joseph Duggar and his wife, Kendra Caldwell, announced that they waited only three months after their wedding, and Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband Austin Forsyth made it. While not all married couples in the family expect a baby soon after their first kiss, it would definitely not be unusual. And Si and Lauren’s first kiss seemed extra passionate, with the groom sweeping the bride in her arms for a low dip and a long smooch. Everything that practiced on the hand seemed to pay off (except for the crushed second kiss), and nobody would be shocked if that passion went over to its honeymoon.

It’s no pain that fans are just mad for a new pregnancy message from the family. Ever since Jinger Duggar had her daughter Felicity over the summer, there have been no new grandDuggars on the way. And it’s the first time in a while that not a single family member is pregnant. Although there are regular rumors that Jessa Duggar or Jill Duggar expect their third children, we unfortunately do not think it will be the case sometime soon. Lauren and her fiancé are the best hope of the fans for now &#821

1; unless John David Duggar and his fiancé Abbie Grace Burnett end up knocking rather than expected.

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