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Is it interesting to buy a Nokia 1 with Android Go for 89 euros?


In the last edition of the MWC of Barcelona, ​​Nokia announced the new batch of smartphones with Android. Among these was the Nokia 1 , whose great peculiarity was its reduced price of only 89 euros. A cost that is consistent with their hardware, but with the added attraction of having a lighter version of Android 8.1 Oreo. Now that it has been put up for sale in Spain, to what extent is it a good option to buy?

In recent years, the escalating prices experienced by high-end smartphones has encouraged the creation of new ranges. Now we can distinguish top-end smartphones, high-end smartphones, mid-range smartphones or even premium mid-range models. In the same way that there has been a price fragmentation in the upper part, we have a multitude of options in the lower part of the table, the low-end segments and the input range. It is in the latter where we can place the new Nokia 1 with a price of 89 euros.

Nokia 1 for 89 euros

As we already anticipated, the Nokia 1 has recently landed in the Spanish market. A model that arrives without great pretensions in the multimedia section and performance, but that can be especially interesting for that profile of customers who want to spend the minimum on a smartphone. However, to what extent does it pay to buy a model like Nokia 1, at an official price of 89 euros?

Is it interesting to buy a Nokia 1 with Android Go for 89 euros?

Video analysis of Nokia 1

Faced with this type of questions, our colleague Carlos Santa Engracia of Topes de Gama brings us a video analysis of Nokia 1. A review as a summary of the most economical Nokia smartphones that touch on aspects such as design, materials , performance, as well as basic sections that we should know if we value buying the Nokia 1.

After reproducing the approximately 11 minutes of the review, we can come to a clear conclusion. Nokia manages to offer a more than acceptable user experience through very limited hardware. It’s all due in part to the adoption of Android Go, a lighter version of Android 8.1 Oreo optimized for low-end smartphones.

However, the price set for the Nokia 1 is a decisive factor. And the fact is that the scarce price difference with other low-end models, with better benefits, is an important handicap that weighs the balance against them. In its favor the software support is positioned, with constant updates within Google’s Android Go program. Without more, we leave you with the video of Topes de Gama: