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Is Braun Strowman badly injured?

The decision to rema Brock Read on Crown Jewel left many fans shaking their heads and their fists at Vince…

The decision to rema Brock Read on Crown Jewel left many fans shaking their heads and their fists at Vince McMahon and WWE. The emergence of Braun Strowman is something that many have been invested in to go for two years now. Why, with Roman Reigns boring for who knows how long, would they go back to Lesnar as a universal champion?

Well, Brock is a big name that gets Raw’s best belt mentioned on the UFC pay-per-view (PPV). But there is another reason?

A possibility was discussed in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio …

Bryan Alvarez: Remember when Raw where in Seattle I mentioned that Braun looked as if he glued down ramp?

Dave Meltzer: Oh, I mentioned it for the second day. Braun’s knees are pushed.

Alvarez: He can not move. And throughout this show, he had to chase boys.

Meltzer: I have to tell you something. It was a big mistake … he should not know &#821

1; they should know better than this … Braun Strowman, the second or third time he went out there when he drove, he could not – so the first time he tried to run he was okay for a little while. I think he might have hurt himself worse, but I knew that in Crown Jewel when he went down that ramp, I could only see it’s like: “Oh my god, the boy’s knee shot. “And I’m sure to bump as he took from the F5 over the top rope to the floor at 300-whatever pounds he weighs, 380 pounds, there’s no way it’s a good idea.

But when he drove the last time [on Raw] it was hardly a walk … do not book him in everything that requires motion because it’s as though the entire aura is shooting right out of him, the aura of being a monster. He looked like one of the incredible Dudes. It’s like it’s not what you want your best guy to look like. “

It’s hard to tell if it’s based on information from one of the observers’ sources, or just an observation based on what we all watched on TV. To dig a little deeper, I looked again at last evening’s evening and Braun’s return


TDE Wrestling


] [19659000] Raw last year to hunt Miztourage from a rubbish truck.

Tell me what you think. 19659014] He looks a little better at chasing after Miz, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel, but not enough to pronounce an opinion about his current health knee.

However, injury problems could explain Crown Jewel If there is a chance, Strowman will have to cause it’s time for scopes or surgery, a few months with Brock as a champion while they discover it and / or build Drew McIntyre up more meaningfully.

We see how it played and about Something more definitely comes from Meltzer or another outlet.

Meanwhile, give us your diagnosis below, Cagesiders.

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