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Irv Gordon, who drove his 1966 Volvo over 3 million miles, died at 78

November 16, 2018 Technology 0 Views Irv Gordon, a New York teacher who became world famous for driving his 1…

Irv Gordon, a New York teacher who became world famous for driving his 1

966 Volvo 1800 S over 3 million miles, died on Thursday at the age of 78 years.

Long Islander travels in China at the time of his death.

Gordon has been a favorite of Volvo fans for decades and has set the world record for most miles driven by a car’s original owner in 1998 when his red coupe broke the ground at 1.69 million kilometers thanks to his 125 mile daily commute and frequent roads.

The mileage hit 2 million in 2002 and then 3 million as he drove through Alaska in 2013. Gordon took the car to all 49 in continental United States and across Europe but never made it to Hawaii.

Gordon religiously maintained the car and only had the engine remodeled twice, last time 2011. It had over 3.4 million miles on it when he appeared at the Volvo Club of America annual meeting in Vermont last September, according to Hemmings.

In his later years, Gordon regularly joined Volvo for events and became a marketplace of Castrol oil, which he said was the only brand he ever used.

Gordon once said to the New York Post that he offered to sell the car back to Volvo for $ 1 per mile, but they did not take him on it.

Gordon’s daughter Danielle sent to Facebook from his home in Argentina that he had communicated her the night before his death and said he had the time

She added that she was not very involved in her daily life and asked his friends about help find a lawyer to handle his legal affairs.

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