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Iowa and New York Home to win $ 688M Powerball tickets

(NY YORK) – Co-owner of a Manhattan deli where someone bought one of two Powerball tickets that hit the $…

(NY YORK) – Co-owner of a Manhattan deli where someone bought one of two Powerball tickets that hit the $ 688 million jackpot saying he probably sold the winning ticket, but he has no idea who won.

Jose Espinosa and his father own West Harlem Deli, which lottery officials say they sold a ticket that matched all six numbers on Saturday night’s drawing for the fourth largest prize prize in US history. The ticket holder divides the winnings with the one who bought the second winning ticket from a convenience store in a small Iowa city.

While the constant flow of customers Sunday, 41-year-old Espinosa ran out that he knew he sold a lucky ticket because it always works: “I’m always here. I live here.” But he does not know who bought it.

“It was not me,” said Jose Humphreys, a 45-year-old pastor at a nearby church. “But if anybody beat the lottery and they wanted to donate to our church, we would not in any way refuse it.”

The second winning ticket was sold at Casey’s convenience store in Redfield, Iowa, a rural community of 800 people about 35 miles (56 miles) west of Des Moines. A clerk who answered the phone in the Sunday store declined comments and referred questions to lottery officials.

There was no instant word on whoever bought that ticket either. But both ticket holders make unfortunate odds: The chance to win the Powerball jackpot is 1

at 292.2 million.

Lottery officials said the ticket sold in Iowa is the biggest lottery prize ever won in the state.

“Even we are awestruck,” said Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich Sunday. “This shows that we have said many times: You never know when the next big winner will hit.”

Rich said that everyone who played Powerball in the last few days should double click on the tickets. Winning numbers were 8, 12, 13, 19 and 27 and Powerball 4.

Jackpot winners can not be anonymous in Iowa or New York, and lottery officials encourage winners – who have a year to come forward – to first consult a financial advisor.

The drawing came four days after winning a $ 1.54 billion Mega Million jackpot, which marked the country’s second largest lottery prize ever. That ticket was sold in South Carolina, where lottery lovers can remain anonymous.

The runner’s Poweball jackpot was originally estimated at $ 750 million, but worked out at $ 687.8 million at the time of drawing. It is the annuity that would be paid over 29 years. The cash value, or lump sum, is USD 396.2 million before taxes.

The exact jackpot is determined by sales details where tickets are sold. Officials note that the reason jackpots grow so dramatically when prices are huge is that people who usually do not play decide to buy some tickets. It’s good for lottery sales but makes it harder for officials to estimate how many irregular players to participate, which gives further complications to the jackpot’s appreciation.

Powerball is played in 44 states, Washington, DC, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

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