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IOS users spend almost twice as much money on apps than Android users

Despite Android being the most used mobile platform on the planet, and having Google Play, the app store with the…

Despite Android being the most used mobile platform on the planet, and having Google Play, the app store with the most applications and downloads in total , the revenue generated by the Google store is much lower than those obtained by the Apple App Store.

At least that’s what the last one says quarterly report carried out by Annie App , which ensures that, while the first quarter of 2018 was the most important for the mobile application economy industry, achieving record revenues, Google Play continues to be the platform with the lowest benefits: 85% less than the App Store.

App Store generates almost twice as many benefits as Google Play

Google Play, best applications and games for Android

Combining the figures of both platforms, we obtain an annual growth of 22% in terms of spending by users . It is an impressive growth, which breaks the records obtained in the fourth quarter of last 2017.

But despite the fact that Google Play lags behind Apple’s app store in terms of profits generated, Google should remain optimistic about these figures, since the growth of Google Play in terms of the money that Android users spend, is 25% compared to the last quarter of last year 2017 , thus reducing the gap with the Apple App Store by up to 10 points.

Expenses in Apps on App Store and Google Play

Of course, Google also has something to worry about. The first quarter of 2018 has been key to the Apple App Store, in narrowing the gap in the number of applications downloads with respect to Google Play. Until now, Google dominated the downloads section – and continues to do so – due to the superiority in terms of number of users and applications in the store, but during the first quarter of this year, Apple has managed to reduce the differences, reaching 8,200 million downloads, while Google Play figures remain at 19.2 billion.

What is a fact today, and probably will not change in the short or medium term, is that the applications industry is incredibly lucrative on both platforms. Combining the figures from the application stores of the two dominant mobile platforms, we obtain a total of 27,500 million downloads in applications, and an expense by users of 18,400 million dollars. All this, counting only the first quarter of 2018, the best in history for the mobile apps industry.

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