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iOS 12 is official, how is it compared to Android P?

The WWDC of Apple has opened its doors today, and one of the great protagonists has been iOS 12 .…

iOS 12 is official, how is it compared to Android P?

The WWDC of Apple has opened its doors today, and one of the great protagonists has been iOS 12 . The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system is among us, and come to see the faces with, the latest edition of the Google platform,to later reach his first, already drawing the first lines of what we will see at the end of summer.

Therefore, now that we have here the preliminary versions of both operating systems, we wanted to thoroughly analyze the novelties of both platforms, and compare The similarities and key differences between Android P and iOS 12.

Android P vs iOS 12: these are the most important differences

For some time we knew that iOS 12 would be a version intended primarily to fix bugs and improve performance of the devices of the bitten apple. Android P, for its part, promises to be one of the most important updates in the history of the operating system , thanks to the debut of new design lines, as well as a gesture system that completely changes the way in which users interact with the interface. In short, two totally opposite approaches, which arrive to evolve each of the two most used mobile platforms on the planet.

Design and interface

iOS 12 is official, how is it compared to Android P?

iOS 12 is official, how is it compared to Android P?

As it was 5.0 Lollipop at the time, Android P is one of the largest changes at the interface and use level. Much blame for this is the arrival of a new gesture navigation system , very similar to the one we can find in Apple’s iPhone X. Besides that, Google Material Theming renews the aesthetics of the interface , with flatter components, light tones that predominate over the rest, rounded corners and greater use of Google Sans typography.

In iOS 12 … nothing . Given that Apple has focused on improving its operating system at the level of functionalities and performance, the interface has gone into the background on this occasion, so much so that we did not find a single relevant change at a visual level.


The great advantage of Android over iOS at the level of notifications management, today becomes a little smaller. After years of waiting, iOS notifications will finally be grouped in the blocking screen . In addition, it will be possible to access the application in question through a click, and interact with it through gestures.

Android P, on the other hand, continues to provide new details with which to refine the notification system , allowing the user to choose if he wants to receive specific notices of each installed application, see and continue full conversations from the notices, and more.

Digital Well Being and Digital Health

iOS 12 is official, how is it compared to Android P?

With Android P, Google introduced the Digital Well Being initiative . Its main function is fight against phone addiction, and thus combat the health problems that can result from excessive use . Among the innovations that are part of this initiative, they stand out Dashboard , that allows to know at a glance through a graph the time we have spent with each application and to prevent the abuse of certain services. On the other hand, there are also options that will take off the phone, as the Wind Down system, which changes the color of the screen to black and white at the time we normally go to sleep, to make it less attractive .

iOS 12 also adopts systems of this type, through the initiative called Digital health. Among the built-in tools, we found a Dashboard similar to that of Android P with the statistics of use of each app, the time that the screen has remained on, as well as the possibility of creating daily use timers for the applications. The parental controls included in the operating system have also been improved.

iOS 12 is official, how is it compared to Android P?

iOS 12 is official, how is it compared to Android P?


Although in different ways, both platforms have made an important leap in terms of availability in this latest edition. Android P, on the one hand,, and all thanks to the Project Treble architecture introduced with Android 8, which has undoubtedly been the most important step against the most important fragmentation that Android has given in its history.

For its part, iOS 11 becomes the version of the operating system with the best availability, given that can be installed on each and every one of the devices that already supported iOS 11 at the time.

Other changes

Android P and iOS 12 also include other interesting changes, which we will compare below in more detail:

  • Augmented reality: one of the big bets by Apple, through ARKit 2 and a new optimized file format and the ability to measure distances and objects with the Measure apps. Android P, for its part, leaves this technology in the background and continues to depend on the.

  • performance : Thanks to improvements in Android Runtime -ART-, Android P offers performance improvements when running applications, as well as a reduced size in the app packages that indirectly improve performance by reducing resource consumption. iOS 12, for its part, promises up to 70% more quickly when it comes to actions such as opening the camera. However, Apple says that the main improvements in this aspect are mainly aimed at improving the performance of old devices.

  • Siri vs Google Assistant Siri now includes “Shortcuts” that the user must manually configure. The Google Assistant, meanwhile, has customizable routines, whose operation is very similar to the system built today by Apple, although somewhat less customizable. The main difference is that iOS users can share their shortcuts with other users.

  • News application: New design, new features. The last two versions of each operating system bring a.

Broadly speaking, these are the most important differences and similarities that exist between Android P and iOS 12 . It is necessary to remember, that yes, that we are before preliminary versions of both systems, and therefore some aspects could change once they are released later this year.


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