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iOS 12 confirms the next iPad with notch and Face ID


Last night, when the inaugural keynote of the WWDC 2018 , many of us are left wanting more. Beyond knowing the iOS 12 details , some expected the presentation of iPhone SE 2 long rumored, while many others wanted to keep an eye on the official characteristics of an alleged iPad X with notch and Face ID .

Finally we did not have the company’s new compact smartphone, nor new tablet, nor large hardware announcements. As usual, Apple’s keynote focused on software for all its devices but, at least, the software for mobile devices has revealed the existence of a new iPad that, probably, we will know in September.

iOS 12 confirms the next iPad with notch and Face ID

The secret, worse? Saved from iOS 12

The iOS developer and journalist of 9to5Mac Guilherme Rambo has been investigating in the new beta version of iOS 12 just launched to develop yesterday. Diving in the software code, the developer has confirmed what many expected, the existence of the iPad with notch to host the Face ID.

Screen shots published by Guilherme Rambo show that iOS 12 contains hidden references to Face ID on the iPad, including the configuration user interface and the section corresponding to the tablet in the configuration menu. It is possible that these references are related to a function that allows you to unlock an iPad with a iPhone X , but most likely it refers to Face ID, The function to unlock the device with our face. This, therefore, would confirm the design heritage of the company’s top of the range, so we would also have an Apple tablet featuring a notch at the top and almost nonexistent bevels.

Apple pointed out yesterday that iOS 12 will contribute in some way to unify gestural control between the iPad and iPhone X , which today is still somewhat complicated for users when working with the tablet or phone. In fact now iOS 12 add new gestures to the iPad as the ability to access the Control Center by sliding down from the upper right corner of the screen, while sliding up from the base allows you to return to the home screen.

It is expected that as we approach the end of summer we will know new details of this more than possible iPad X , as it is known for now, equipped with notch and face ID.