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iOS 11 VS iOS 12 in video: is the latest version as fast as Apple says?

536 Yesterday we attended the presentation of all the iOS 12 news in the event WWDC 2018 . The appointment…


Yesterday we attended the presentation of all the iOS 12 news in the event WWDC 2018 . The appointment served to shed all the improvements that would integrate the next great iOS update . One of the points that most affected Manzana was the speed and the performance . Now, the liberation of the Beta 1 , we have the first videos with the comparison iOS 11 VS iOS 12 in which they test both versions.

The leaks already said it. Apple would focus on polish iOS 12 Above add more and more functions. This was confirmed by the company itself yesterday, confirming all suspicions. So much is the degree of optimization that among the iPhone models compatible with iOS 12 is the Iphone 5s . However, the speed gain and performance in iOS 12 ? The next comparative iOS 11 VS iOS 12 It takes us out of doubt.

iOS 11 VS iOS 12 Beta 1

Shortly after the announcement was Availability of the first iOS 12 Beta , the first videos about the update began to surface. One of many is the following in which you can see running iOS 11.4, the latest stable version installed on a iPhone 8 , as well as the Beta 1 of iOS 12.

The truth is that it is appreciated that, at a general level, the Beta of iOS 12 it shows slightly more agile and, effectively, the applications start somewhat faster than in iOS 11 except for exceptions.

The comparative iOS 11 VS iOS 12 Beta It has also been proven in models such as iPhone 7 . To show a button, as shown below, in the next video. The results are very similar to those shown in the same test with the iPhone 8 as the protagonist.

However, perhaps the most prominent and revealing case is the one that shows proof of a Iphone 5s , the oldest model capable of supporting iOS 12, both with the beta and with iOS 11.4. Here, the speed of opening apps is shown somewhat more prominent in iOS 12, but not the same with native apps like the renewed Bag app or own App Store.

By way of conclusion, everything points to the fact that Apple has managed to greatly optimize iOS 12. An achievement more than outstanding, not only for the proven results in the comparative iOS 11 VS iOS 12 , but by the fact that we are contrasting the experience of using a polished, final, official version; with a test version. Not only that, the first Beta, the most susceptible to offer a result not as good as the one that will be seen in the final version of iOS 12, predictably during the month of September.

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