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iOS 11.3 disables the screen of iPhone 8 repaired by third parties

758 The last iOS 11.3 update It brought with it a good number of changes. Among the highlights, the adjustment…


The last iOS 11.3 update It brought with it a good number of changes. Among the highlights, the adjustment of the energy profile for recover the performance of iPhones . However, after several weeks since the deployment, it has been known that there are greater consequences behind the last OTA from Apple. That is none other than useless of the screens of the iPhone 8 repaired with non original spare parts.

It seems that we are facing a new case as we had a year ago with the screen of the iPhone 7 screen, which also stopped working after repair with unofficial parts. Today, the blogosphere again echoes a similar situation with a common denominator. The screen of the iPhone 8 repaired with non original parts have stopped working.

Apple and its desire to control the hardware of their devices

Just like we have been able to know , Apple has introduced an imperceptible, but outstanding change in iOS 11.3. Apparently, with the iPhone 8 update to this new software version, those units that were repaired by workshops not authorized by Apple have begun to experience annoying problems.

Specifically, we refer to failures in the Touch function of iPhone 8 screen . The display does not recognize the touches that the user applies on the touch panel. How is it possible? Everything points to the fact that the cause is a change in iOS 11. 3. A theory that we know through the technical service of a company based in Ohio. It has been the owner of iOutlet, as it is called, which has indicated that since the update was launched, affected customers have reported problems with the screen.

As illustrated by the videos that appear on the Web, the touch panel of the iPhone 8 stops working. The truth is that it does not seem random or random. This failure occurs in the iPhone 8 screen that has been repaired in technical services that have resorted to unofficial pieces. iPhones exposed in an Apple store

A chip detects the change

According to Michael Oberdick, owner of one of the affected repair centers, he explained that it is believed that the problem lies in a chip that includes the screen of the iPhone 8. With the update to iOS 11.3, this chip could be blocked and it would be the cause of the iPhone’s display not working. The manufacturers of compatible screens would have already remedied this obstacle, although the problem lies in the models repaired previously.

If Apple does not launch a new update that eliminates this restriction, the repair shops will be forced to redo the repair of the affected models to fix the problem. A limitation that, in a certain way, this type of companies live daily since Apple considers that this alternative – for the most economical users – is not safe.

In fact, this type of workshops are very limited when it comes to obtaining original spare parts, given that Apple imposes its own rules that, on occasions, are impossible for them to fulfill. A reason that derives to resort to unofficial spare parts that, in many occasions, are manufactured even by the same company that works for Apple.

With the iPhone X something similar happens

Faced with this situation generated by the repair of the screen of the iPhone 8, comes to light another important limitation when it comes to repair the latest Apple model. We refer to iPhone X and its front camera . By arranging this 3D facial recognition system , Face ID , and go connected to the motherboard, the repair of it through third parties disables the facial recognition function. Sensor Touch ID of an iPhone 6

A case that reminds us of what happened a year ago with the iPhone 7. Those who opted for repair the home button and save a few euros by dispensing with Apple’s official technical service, they detected the Touch ID function -the fingerprint sensor- stopped working. It soon became known that it was a security measure imposed by the Cupertino firm to prevent unauthorized technical workshops from carrying out this type of repairs.

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