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“Internet” is Amazon’s latest craze, and it’s a ‘lite’ web browser for Android

"Internet" is Amazon's latest craze, and it's a'lite' web browser for Android

Launched without noise in India, the truth is that Internet -yes, just as it sounds … – is the last occurrence of the prolific Amazon factory, a web browser for Android designed specifically for emerging markets , where access to mobile data and its speed are limited resources.

With these premises in mind, Amazon sneaks into the fight for Web browsing with basic devices or in limited connectivity environments , with a browser that from its name makes clear the intentions with which it was born: “Internet: fast, light and private” .

If you have already run to Google Play to find it, be patient, here below we leave you the direct link, although we have announced that unfortunately, for the moment, can only be used by users in India with smartphones that work with Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher versions.

Surely this will explain why a browser as interesting as this, with a name well positioned and backed by a giant like Amazon behind, account only with between 1,000 and 5,000 downloads in the Google app store. And that despite the fact that It was published in March and his journey on the platform lasts almost a month.

2 megabytes of very advanced possibilities …

Surely its best feature is its weight, and that is the Internet browser of Amazon will occupy only about 2 MB in your devices , as he tells us TechCrunch to light years of options like Chrome, Edge or Firefox, all of them above 20 MB.

And what does the Amazon browser offer us in 2 ‘megabytes’? Well a light sailing experience , compatible with eyelashes, and with a privacy beyond doubt , because the Internet does not request additional permissions or collect data from users, in addition to obviously allowing navigation in incognito mode .

It incorporates a integrated news reader and an automatic full screen mode, also previews of tabs, although all for the Indian market , which is really where the application was developed by the Amazon India team.

"Internet" is Amazon's latest craze, and it's a'lite' web browser for Android

"Internet" is Amazon's latest craze, and it's a'lite' web browser for Android

Amazon already offers a version in the huge Asian country lite of your Kindle application, and will not be the latest thin applications that we will see , because Facebook has also been one of the companies that understood before anyone that need to launch Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite for this type of markets and / or for basic devices.

Android Oreo Go Edition is Google’s option in this sense, with multitude of its main services already compatible and lighter in its Gmail versions Go, YouTube, Go, Files Go, etcetera.

We’ll see if Amazon decides to publish the application globally, although Silk already has a downloadable option globally as an alternative web browser on Android. Anyway … who would say no to a private browser that does not collect data, and that offers the same experience in only 2 MB?

Internet: fast, lite, and private (free) | Play Store

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