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Instant Recap: IU Fails to Maintain Half-Time in Loss at No. 4 Michigan

Redshirt junior kicker Logan Justus is trying to kick during IU's victory over Maryland on November 10 at Memorial Stadium.…

Redshirt junior kicker Logan Justus is trying to kick during IU’s victory over Maryland on November 10 at Memorial Stadium. Justus and Hoosiers play No. 4 Michigan this afternoon.

Sam House
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* FINAL: No. 4 Michigan Downs IU 31


Hoosiers failed to maintain his 17-15 half-time lead and scored only three points in the second half.

Cam Jones targeting penalty will wake up big next week’s Old Oaken Bucket Game. Both Purdue and IU have 5-6 entries coming into the next Saturday game in Bloomington, which means that the second straight year the winner will reach the after-season while the loser will not qualify for a bowling game.

Peyton Ramsey and Stevie Scott both had success drove the ball against a strong Michigan defense today and compiled 51 and 139 yards respectively on the ground.

IU’s leading recipient was Nick Westbrook, who had 84 receiving laps of the 195 fitting yards Ramsey completed the game.

In the defense, Marcelino Ball led the IU with 10 tackles, and Ball had a whistle. The Hoosier defense made it a good idea to “bend and not break”, which limited Wolverines to six shotfield goals, all of which succeeded. But the IU defense forced only one point in the game.

IU has not yet hit Michigan since 1987 and IU has not won a game in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1967.

IE, 5-6, has Purdue next weekend while Michigan, 10-1, can win Big Ten East Division with a victory against Ohio State next week.


Purdue has lost for Wisconsin, 47-44, for three overtime in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Purdue will be 5-6 into next week’s Old Oaken Bucket game.

* EJECTION (6:03 left in the game) Michigan leads IU 28-20.

Cam Jones is evicted from the game for IU for focus.

He hit a Michigan player with his helmet on the kickoff after the IU field goal.

He will be out for the rest of tonight’s game and for the first half of next week’s match between IU and Purdue.

The Michigan player is down in the field and is taken off the field in a cart.

* F IELD GOAL (6:10 left in the game) Michigan leads IU 28-20.

Logan Justus commits 36 meters out to get IU a possession game.

Hoosiers made it into the Michigan Red Zone, but a 4-meter loss on a 3rd and 1 alternative game forced Hoosiers to try a field goal.

* Field goals (9:55 left in the game) Michigan leads IU 28-17.

Another card field goal from Jake Moody has extended the Michigan leadership. A 23-meter field goal from Moody has Wolverines up 11 points with less than 10 minutes to go in the match.

Michigan had generous field position to start driving, taking over near midfield after a failed fake point on 4th

Michigan has 250 meters pass and 224 meters rushes as a team during the match.

* End of the 3rd quarter: Michigan leads IU 25-17.

IU has a football on the Michigan 47-yard line, facing a 3rd and 10th situation.

Michigan outscored IU 10-0 during the third period.

* Field goals (2: 08 left in third quarter) Michigan leads IU 25-17.

A large 41-yard pass from Patterson to Gentry helped reach another Michigan unit that ends with a field goal.

Moody makes a 33-meter field goal to give Wolverines an eight-point lead in the third quarter.

IU’s defense continues to implement the curve of bending, but not b

* INTERCEPTION (8:05 left in the third quarter) Michigan leads IU 22-17.

And Hoosiers gets their backs back. Marcelino Ball interruptes Shea Patterson on a wandering pitch of Michigan quarterback.

IU ball on its own 40-yard line.

* FUMBLE (8:45 left in the third quarter) Michigan leads IU 22-17.

IU made decent progress on his second unit in the second half, which Nick Westbrook had for 14 and 20 meters respectively. But the run ends as Stevie Scott fumbles the ball just in Michigan territory.

* TOUCHDOWN (9:44 left in the third quarter) Michigan leads IU 22-17. 19659005] IU started the second half with a three-and-off-off possession, while Wolverines compiled an 11-game, 67-yard scoring unit. The longest gig on the device was a 16-yards pass from Patterson to Donovan Peoples-Jones.

Karan Higdon made it the first time on a two-track track.

* HALFTIME: IU does not lead .4 Michigan 17-15 in half time.

Bad clock handling of Wolverines costs them the chance to take the lead before the break.

Michigan made it to the IU two farm, but a tackle made by freshman security Devon Matthews held the Wolverine receiver in the boundaries. Player representatives then had difficulty getting the ball back to Michigan to get another snap because Michigan had no timeouts and the clock expired.

Peyton Ramsey has 105 meters pass and 51 meters rush, while Stevie Scott has 96 meters rushing.

For summary, people. #iufb Last beat Michigan 1987, a 14-10 Indiana victory in Bloomington under Coach Bill Mallory.

The last Indiana win in Michigan was 1967, 27-20, under coach John Pont.

– Cameron Drummond (@ cdrummond97) November 17, 2018

Hoosier touchdowns have been scored by Scott and broad recipient Ty Fryfogle.

Marcelino Ball has seven tackles to lead the IU defense, which allowed three field goals, a touchdown and forced a point.

* TOUCHDOWN (1:33 left in the second quarter) IU leads Michigan 17-15.

Hoosiers, including Peyton Ramsey, responded a great way just before half-time. Ramsey fled his pocket and distorted and pushed a big first down at 3 and 7 to start the device and followed it up with a perfect pass to Nick Westbrook down the IU sideline for a 41-foot win.

Run Done

* TOUCHDOWN (4:46 left in the second quarter) Michigan leads IU 15-10.

The breakthrough finally came to Wolverines on offensive via a 41-yard touchdown pass from Patterson to Nick Eubanks.

Eubanks was left open in the midst of the IU defense, and he easily entered the end zone for his first career touchdown.

Michigan failed with a two-point conversion attempt after the score.

* Field goals (7:39 left in the second quarter) IU leads Michigan 10-9.

The management turns back in favor of Hoosier halfway through the second quarter.

The IU unit contained a stunning 30-yard catch of Luke Timian on a perfectly thrown ball by Peyton Ramsey.

Stevie Scott also has 85 meters of rush on the day.

Logan Justus made his first field goal for the game, from 41 meters out to give the IE 10-9 lead.

* Field goals (9:56 left in the second quarter) Michigan leads IU 9-7.

Wolverines is back for the first time in the second quarter.

Michigan again reached the red zone of the IE, but again refused the IU defense to allow a touchdown. Michigan stuck with two incomplete passes and must decide for Moody’s third field goal to reconnect the lead.

A 31-yards pass from Patterson to Ronnie Bell was the great game on the Wolverine unit. 19659007] This kick was from 31 meters out.

* Field goals (14:15 left in the second quarter) IU leads Michigan 7-6.

IU received a big helping hand from Michigan as a drop touchdown pass prevents the home team from taking the lead.

Michigan had a 3rd and 4th situation from the IU 12-yard line, when the Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson had a wide open Zach Gentry in the end zone. Patterson’s pass was a bit short, but Gentry could still slow down and try to catch the ball, just to lift his hands as he tried to complete the catch.

Instead, Wolverines settled for a 30-yard field goal from Moody.

* End of the 1st quarter: IU leads Michigan 7-3.

Hoosiers leads fourth place in the country with four points after a period.

IU has had great success in starting the game that runs the ball, with Stevie Scott having a 35-yard rush and Peyton Ramsey with a rush of 29 yards.

Michigan has the football at IE 14 surface line, facing and 2 and 6 situation.

Michigan reached the red zone after a passport interference call on Andre Brown Jr. and a successful 4th and 2-rushing.

* TOUCHDOWN (4:14 left in the first quarter) IU leads Michigan 7- 3.

Some explosive spell marks marked the second offensive possession of the game for IU, ending with a 13 yards rushing touchdown by Stevie Scott.

Scott had a 35-yard rush through the left side of the IU offensive line, while Peyton Ramsey also had a 29-yard scramble when an appropriate game broke down.

Scotts 13-yard touchdown running up in the center of Michigan defense shortened the device.

Hoosiers lead the Wolverines with four points, which Scott and Ramsey have already combined for more than 100 rushing yards.

* INTERCEPTION (7:20 left in the first quarter) Michigan leads IU 3-0.

Hoosiers had a nice opening drive, with Peyton Ramsey who has a heads-up scramble play to get a first and two additions to Luke Timian.

But on a 4th and 3rd game from the Michigan 39 yard line Ramsey passes a pass for Reese Taylor, intercepted by Michigans Michael Dwumfour for a one-piece loss compared to where the line of scrimmage was

Michigan ball.

* Field goals (10:41 left in the first quarter) Michigan leads IU 3-0.

Wolverines had a successful opening operation to start the game. Running back Karan Higdon had 34 rushing yards on the opening series for Michigan, because the UM offensive created a lot of holes for him to run through.

Shea Patterson with just 17 meters passing as the IU defense showed some decisions once Michigan reached the red zone.

Jake Moody transformed a 32-meter field goal for Wolverines.

* IE won the coin and differed from the second half. Michigan will get the starting park.

* Linebacker Micah McFadden is dressed and heated to Hoosiers after leaving last week’s match injured in the first half.

* The situation is simple for both teams’ posts in today’s game. IU needs a win from their last two matches, in Michigan and at home against Purdue, to qualify for the postseason. Michigan clicks the big ten winners title with victories against the IU and Ohio State next week.

* Hello and welcome to today’s live update page for the IU football match against No. 4 Michigan. Indiana Daily Football Student Crew is all in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for today’s game.

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