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Instagram’s new stories now feature an emoji slider

412 Instagram continues to expand its features, we have seen how it allowed us to use GIFS , make screenshots…


Instagram continues to expand its features, we have seen how it allowed us to use GIFS , make screenshots and even eliminate the time limit of their stories, and it is precisely those stories that we want to tell you about, since in their next update, they will receive a new function in the form of “emoji slider”. So are the new Instagram stories

And whether we want to or not, we are social creatures, and we love to interact and receive feedback from people around us or with whom we simply have a virtual relationship. With this new functionality, Instagram becomes one of the most complete and fun social networks.

Why choose when we can value?

If we are fans of the social network of photography par excellence, you will know that until now, their stories allowed us to ask our followers questions, which had two options to choose from. We are all aware that it is not always easy to decide between two unique possibilities, and that is why the new Instagram stories are now much more versatile.

From now on, when we want to do a survey, we’ll just have to address the stickers tray (stickers), choose an emoticon relative to a certain emotion and put it on top of the photo that we just took or take from our gallery next to the question we want to ask.

Instagram's new stories now feature an emoji slider

In this way, our followers will have a Emojis slider that will allow a response as accurate as possible to the response, which clearly promotes debate and interaction between people.

To make the thing more fun, the emoticon in question will be animated depending on the degree of response we give to the question, knowing the user in question, what is the average rating to your question or what is the specific opinion of each of the people who participated in the survey.

In this way, the new Instagram stories allow us to graduate in a much more accurate way our opinion about something.

We are sure that the new Instagram stories will be a success and that many users who had abandoned this social network will return to it even if only to try this new feature. Who knows, Instagram may end up being the IMDB of personal photos.

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