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Instagram will allow you to download all your photos and videos with a new tool


In the midst of the scandal caused by Facebook and the leakage of data from its users through an app Cambridge Analytica , the parent company is preparing to adapt to the new data protection law in Europe . We refer to the GDPR and one of the first consequences will be the integration of a tool on Instagram that allows its users to download all your data in one file, including photos, videos and messages .

The collection of personal data carried out by the companies and their treatment as part of the operation of the Big Data it will be subject to greater control at the hands of the European authorities. A major law that aims to adapt to the current circumstances after the explosive growth and evolution of technology and the services associated with it. In this regard, the GDPR will ensure to a large extent the rights and privacy of the user at the time of the transfer of personal data to third parties.

Instagram should facilitate the “portability” of data

The new law will come into force next 25 of May , so that companies have to adapt to all the points that the GDPR will legislate. Among these is the right to data portability , or what is the same, the user’s option to move their data from one service to another.

Instagram will allow you to download all your photos and videos with a new tool

This is where the imminent Instagram tool for download photos, videos, comments and information that the user has been able to share through the social network owned by Facebook.

A new section that, according to TechCrunch , will come imminently to both the app and the Instagram web service. Although there are no details about it, there seems to be little mystery given that the tool is expected to be similar – if not equal – to that available to Facebook for more than nine years.

In this way, followers of Instagram will no longer have to resort to third-party services, as is the case to date. And it is that users who were in need of downloading multimedia material from their account, had to alleviate the deficiency of the official app by resorting to unofficial external services that, in any case, pose a risk to the security of the account when exposed the credentials of it.