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Instagram wants you to be less hooked on Instagram

Instagram wants you to be less hooked on Instagram

According toof the last Study of Social Networks of IAB Spain, the Spaniards spent more than five hours a week on WhatsApp, 3 hours and 20 minutes on Facebook and 2:48 hours on Instagram . We spend a lot of time on these social networks, and although this translates to more revenue for companies (in this case, “the” company, Facebook), it does not mean that companies should not ensure the safety of its users . Is this due to the recent announcement of Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram? Let’s see it

Systrom published a curious tweet in which he stated the following: “We are building tools that will help the IG community to know more about the time they spend on Instagram – this should be positive and intentional -” . Thus, according to the user Jane Manchung Wong, the social network would be testing a Function called “Usage Insights” , which we could translate as “Usage statistics” .

This would appear in a new side menu located in our profile, although we do not know exactly what information it contains. Possibly it is a breakdown of the time you spend chatting , seeing photos, publishing stories, etc, but we can not guarantee it.

The idea of ​​this new function, according to the words of Systrom, is to help the user to see that, in many cases, his use of the social network is automaton and anxious , or at least that is how I understand it. Many people, including myself, visit Instagram when they get bored or when they do not have anything better that they do. They are short and unintentional visits , but many short visits throughout the day end up meaning a good amount of time . Being aware of it can help control this compulsive use. I insist, that’s how I understand it.

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At the moment it is unknown when this function will be released officially, if it gets launched.

This, of course, it also has its positive side for the company . If a user spends less time in the social network means that, when he is inside, he does so consciously and paying attention to what he is seeing, so that advertising will be more effective and will give more and better results. Either way, it is good that the user has control over his use of an application and can intervene in case there is a problem. Remember, use your mobile with a head!