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Instagram tests a feature to cite posts on Instagram Stories


Not too long ago, specifically at the end of last year, we argued that Instagram it was one of the applications that had changed the most throughout the year. Now, well stuck in 2018, it does not seem that things are going to change, because the social network of photography continues adding functions to its application for iOS Y Android .

Without going any further yesterday we announced that the possibility of making purchases came to the platform at the hands of Instagram Shoppin g, a system that allows you to buy some of the articles that appear in certain publications, without needing to leave Instagram to complete the transaction.

Now again, Instagram is testing a new tool that may be confusing to explain, but very simple to use. It would be something similar to what we can do in Twitte when quoting tweets.

Retweeting posts on Instagram Stories

TechCrunch informs that the company is testing a new function within Instagram Stories that will change the way to generate content for this section of the platform … or to see duplicate content. The testing tool proposes that users can select a publication from their feed and insert it into their own Instagram Stories. Just press a button so that the publication of the profile automatically passes to the stories of Instagram , as if it were a retweet of its own.

Instagram tests a feature to cite posts on Instagram Stories

Of course, in addition to uploading it to the history section of the platform, you can interact with it as if it were any other content of the platform. Instagram Stories . Then you can customize it with text, scribbles and stickers before publishing it so that your contacts have another way to see your publications.

The user who sees the aforementioned story (or quote Story , as it seems to call this new function Instagram, can access the full view of the publication by simply clicking on it, provided that the one who has published this story on Instagram allows it. With this new movement Instagram wants to end the use of third-party applications to add functions to its platform.

It is not the only novelty that could emerge from the application in the coming days, because last week we saw how some users were enjoying the chronological feed on Instagram . However, soon the people in charge of the social network launched to deny this return to the origins of the platform.