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These days there is a lot of talk about the possibility that Instagram becomes the new YouTube by changing the publication of videos as we know it. The brand is looking to extend the duration of the videos within a hour and could also allow uploading videos in 4K resolution to the fashion photo application.

However, we have not talked about the latest Instagram update that has just landed on Google Play Store and App Store. At first it seems that this update did not incorporate more news than the correction of errors and stability improvements, but we have just discovered that it changes, and much, the way of hosting content in Instagram Stories . In fact, it is finally possible to rotate our images and change their size when using this tool of the app on iOS and Android.

How to rotate images or videos on Instagram Stories

Until now, everything that we stayed in Instagram Stories It appeared in vertical layout, forcing all those who use this medium to exhibit their “works of art” to be limited to this format. There were many users who cried out for changes when establishing these images in order to also upload content to Instagram Stories horizontally.

Well, the last Instagram update not only allows you to upload photos horizontally, but also lets us change the orientation of the contents, in all its angles, and even increase or reduce the size of photos or videos to generate some Instagram Stories totally customized to our liking.

Instagram Stories: How to change size and orientation of photos and videos

Instagram Stories: How to change size and orientation of photos and videos

When choosing a photograph or video of our gallery to upload it to Instagram Stories , we just have to pinch on it and “shrink” or “enlarge” the photo by zooming in on it. In this way we can make our images or clips occupy the entire screen in an exaggerated way, or just a portion of it. Something similar happens when choosing the orientation of the publications. When pinching on the image or video just rotate our fingers, as we do with stickers or GIFs, to rotate the contents and create publications that will generate torticollis to more than one contact.

Facebook continues to bet heavily on the social network and it is expected that this novelty is not the only one that receives this summer Instagram Stories . similarly it is more than likely that this new way of ordering photos and videos will be replicated sooner rather than later in the WhatsAp states p.