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Instagram is working to fix the closures of his app

Instagram is working to fix the closures of his app

Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most used applications in the world, and is that the social network focused on photography concentrates millions of daily users, who are not willing to give up their dose of Insta daily nor a single day. However, it is not free of problems , more so in Android, where the optimization of the application does not shine in excess.

Today, some media echoed that the Instagram application was crashing on some devices , for no apparent reason and causing user frustration. The team of the app is already working on it, and they promise a quick solution.

Instagram works to solve the recent error

Android Authority , among other media, echoed a few hours ago of the problems some users were having with the Instagram application. Apparently, they were suffering from sudden closures and crashes for no apparent reason , whose only solution was to delete the application and reinstall it again.

From Instagram’s own Twitter account, they tell us that the team is working to solve the error as soon as possible , so we are sure that in a few hours we will have an update that will solve the problems. The ruling does not affect all the devices – in our case, none suffers from these problems – but it seems that there is a large number of users reporting the closures, so they have set to work. It is not then, more to wait for the team to solve the problem, so we must have some patience.

And you, have you shut down the Instagram application?