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Instagram begins to try Snapchat friend codes

The originality in Facebook and in the social networks that are owned by WhatsApp or Instagram is something that lately it is absent, because the company chooses, almost always, to integrate innovations already present before in its rivals.

This is something we understand perfectly and that, in a way, we think is quite logical, since it is intended not to be left behind regarding similar applications that are in the market. And today, we’re here to show you the latest Instagram news: friend codes, or Snapcodes, let’s see them!

Moto g5 instagram

Another Snapchat feature comes to Instagram!

It is customary that almost everything we see on Snapchat, soon after appearing on Instagram, as well as the same mechanism between Telegram and WhatsApp, but, in a way, we are happy. At the end of the day that means that users will have more possibilities.

And now, it has been again to Instagram to be the one that integrates a Snapchat novelty, and it is neither more nor less than friend codes. Yes, that kind of QR codes through which we could locate a user to follow him or add him as a friend.

friend code instagram

Well, as you can see in the image, Instagram is carrying out a mechanism similar to this, but without using QR codes, but using custom labels. At the moment it is not known with certainty how these would work, since in these instants there is no user capable of scanning these tags -ie, Instagram has not yet enabled it-.

As it happens with this type of things normally, we are going to have to wait until the company itself launches it officially to know more about this characteristic. In spite of that, we know that to scan these labels we will need the camera of our terminal, obviously.

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