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Inside Virginia Tech quarterback Ryan Willis & # 39; & # 39; oh crap moment to Virginia | Virginia Tech Insider

BLACKSBURG – Virginia Tech's plan at the end of the first half of the 100th Commonwealth Cup did not go…

BLACKSBURG – Virginia Tech’s plan at the end of the first half of the 100th Commonwealth Cup did not go as it would.

After a series of miscues of both teams, Hokies ended with the ball on the edge of the field goal by 16 seconds to go in half up 14-0.

The coach Justin Fuente had a simple schedule for the last few seconds.

“We have a game for the situation where we know that the watch will be stopped at the end of the game,” said Fuente. “We will either catch it and go out of bounds or it’s incompleteness and we’re stretching to kick a long field goal.”

That was not what happened.

Quarterback Ryan Willis threw a pass directly into hands of Virginia defensive back Tim Harris at 28-yard line. Harris had no one in front of him after taking the ball in battle.

“They played cover 2, the corner was on it, which the ball would probably go to the other receiver, but when he catches it and goes away. Ryan is the only shot to get the guy down,” Fuente said. only shot. “

Willis crossed the track as fast as he could go up the sidelines, even pushing an official out of the way.

” Has been a quarterback in that situation many years ago, it’s a tough one tackling to do, Fuente said.

Fuente worried Harris would make a move and leave Willis in the dust, but Virginia Tech’s quarterback launched in Harris and pulled him down to the ground except the border without time remaining on the clock to prevent the score.

“I had one,” oh, crazy moment. “Just turn on the jets,” said Willis. “Adrenaline please take me and try to track him, do what I can.”

What about the judge?

“I did not really think about it then,” said Willis with a smile. I just tried to chase him. made it happen “

Willi’s mobility and athletics made a difference in the whole game. He expanded a couple of games on the team’s in-run, including a 45-foot pass to Dalton Keene who set overtime profits.

All eyes were on Virginia & # 39 ‘s elusive quarterback Bryce Perkins, but Willis continues to surprise opposing defense with his ability to play bets. Willis entered the game with 295 rushing yards with 1

6 tries of 10 meters or more.

“I’m tall so I is a bit deceptive, “said Willis.” The coaches are always ashamed of me, they call me happily athletic. That’s what people think I suppose. I obviously throw first, run others. I only do what I can. I will go 100 percent each game. If I grow up, I will rush up and walk 100 miles an hour. “

It benefited when Virginia linebacker Charles Snowden thought he had wrapped up a big loss in overtime. The snowden would have extinguished Virginia Tech outside the target area if he took Willis to the grass on the third game.

” I thought that I would come around him, but he locked on me, “said Willis.” I did everything I could to get up and just get the ball thrown away. “

Willis fled and raised it beyond the limits to allow Brian Johnson kicking a 42-meter field goal that ended the game winner.

“He’s just playing everything and as hard as possible,” said Fuente. “He really made some games and all made a few mistakes.”

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