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Insane Waste of Lunar Gateway

The Lunar Gateway that NASA plans to build will end up to about 40 billion dollars. It is being built…

The Lunar Gateway that NASA plans to build will end up to about 40 billion dollars. It is being built to motivate $ 60 + billion for the Space Launch System and the Orion Capsule. The two together will be over $ 100 billion. We have already spent about $ 30 billion on the Space Launch System and the Orion staffed vehicle.

It’s Logistics Dumma

Going to Lunar Gateway adds 17% to the fuel cost of the trip to the moon.

Here’s the analogy of explaining the vanity of Space Launch System-Orion and Lunar Gateway. Let’s compare the exploration of Antarctica’s continent by exploring the moon.

We take two decades to build special once with heavy loading planes. The development has cost between $ 1

billion and $ 2 billion a year. It was based on technology from the 1970s and 1980s. It has not been tested for the first time. The cost has gone up to 4-5 billion dollars a year.

Now we want to explore Antarctica so we create a plan to use about 10 flights of this expensive and never fly loading plan projects to mount a system of oil platforms off Madagascar coast. It will land cushions on this floating platform. This will then be the base of the business to send drones and missions to Antarctica. You go from America to something you do at great cost before flying to Antarctica. You can go straight with a vehicle that has already flown successfully.

The claim is that Lunar Gateway only costs $ 2.7 billion until 2023. However, that applies to the first module or two. The Space Launch System (SLS) will not have its first test flight until 2021. Each SLS launch is approximately $ 1 billion. The International Space Station costs $ 150 billion. Even on a fourth scale, Lunar Gateway will easily cost $ 40 billion.

You will spend $ 100 + billion in order not to add new capacity and make it harder and longer and more expensive to do things on the moon. Costs for Lunar Gateway, SLS and Orion must be added as they all motivate each other. Build SLS to start and build Lunar Gateway. If we build Lunar Gateway, we need SLS.

Moon Direct Plan and Mooning the Moon

Instead, we should use the Zubrin Moon Direct plan. This means that you are using existing SpaceX Falcon Heavies.

Build mining operations on the moon. 2.5 hectares of the best lunar areas can be made each year for 2400 tons of water to make 1640 tonnes of fuel per year.

SpaceX Falcon Heavies can land 8-11 tonnes of equipment and materials on the moon. This is an 18-wheeled truck full of gearboxes.

A series of 150 million dollars worth of each would build the moon mining facility and we could make fuel that would replace 200 delivery missions.

It would be $ 2 billion to get the first things on the moon and about $ 10 billion for the first full moon recovery. We would then start charging $ 2 billion on lower fuel costs for satellites and other space activities. The more we stop doing in space and the longer we go, the more we come from moonwater and moon fuel.

We can then use robots to convert Moon Earth to Moon Cement. We can use multiple rats.

We build several drone bases on the moon. How many drones take it to cover Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. It takes a few dozen drone bases and airports.

We can build bases like McMurdo station and other Antarctica science stations. McMurdo has up to 1000 employees.

There are dozens of bases in Antarctica. You need dozens of bases to explore and explore a continent.

Moon is the eighth continent.

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