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Indonesia says that the Lion Air jet was “not airworthy” when flying before crash

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/ Updated / Source: Reuters

JAKARTA-Lion Air jet crashed into Java Sea last The month was not in an airworthy state even at its last flight when pilots experienced similar problems as those on their sentenced last trip, Indonesian investigators said on Wednesday.

In a preliminary report, the Indonesian Transport Safety Committee (KNKT) focused on airline maintenance practices and pilot training and a Boeing Co-ordination system but did not give rise to the crash that killed all 189 people aboard.

The report revealed fresh details of Pilot Attempts to 737 MAX Jet as they reported a “flight control” problem, including the captain’s last word to the air traffic controller, who requested to be cleaned to “five you” or 5,000 feet.

Contact with the beam went lost 13 minutes after it departed from the capital Jakarta, north to the tin-mining town of Pangkal Pinang.

Information retrieved from the airplane recorder showed that the “stick shaker” vibrated captain controls alerted a stall for most of the flight. The captain used his controls to get the airline’s nose up, but an automated storage system pushed it down.

Pilots flying the same plane a day earlier had experienced a similar problem, on their way from Denpasar, Bali, to Jakarta until they used to switch to shut down the system and used manual controls to fly and stabilize the plane, KNKT said.

“Flying from Denpasar to Jakarta, poker players experienced activation during the launch and remained active during the flight,” said the report. “This condition is considered an airworthy condition” and the flight should have been “interrupted.”

Pilots on that flight reported problems to the Lion Air maintenance team who controlled the jet engine and cleaned it to launch a convicted flight the next morning.

Following the crash, Lion Air instructed pilots to provide a “full description” of technical defects to the engineering service, said KNKT.

Colleges of victims of the crashed Lion Air flight throw flowers from tires of an Indonesian navy at the crash site in waters outside Indonesia on November 6. Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images [19659020] In a statement, Boeing noted in detail a list of maintenance actions for aircraft specified in report, but stopped short to blame earth workers or pilots for the accident.

The company, which has said procedures to prevent an anti-lock system activatin g of accident were already in place, said the pilots in the previous flight had used that drill but noted that the report did not say pilots of the convicted flight did.

Boeing’s statement did not refer to a revised anti-stall system introduced at 737 MAX as US pilots say and Indonesian investigators say was missing in the user’s manual.

Boeing says the procedure for handling a so-called stabilizing stabilizer, according to which anti-lock system presses down the nose even when the aircraft does not enter a stall or lose elevator, not changed between the previous version of 737 and the recently delivered 737 MAX.

However, pilots say that the control column behaves differently under certain conditions, which may confuse pilots who have flown previous model.

Edward Sirait, CEO of Lion Air, said he had not yet read the KNKT report, but to comply with all the investigators’ recommendations.

The report issued a new recommendation to Lion Air on safety in addition to previous recommendations on the Airplane Manual, already implemented by Boeing.

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