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Indonesia Hunts Seabed for Crashed Lion Air Jetliner

Jakarta, Indonesia-seeking crew deployed underwater equipment Tuesday to chart the floor of the Java Sea in their search for a…

Jakarta, Indonesia-seeking crew deployed underwater equipment Tuesday to chart the floor of the Java Sea in their search for a Lion Air jetliner as investigators gathered evidence to determine what caused the new

737 Max 8 aircraft with 189 people aboard to crash.

Soerjanto Tjahjono, head of Indonesia’s National Transport Safety Committee, charged with investigating the crash said that teams used sonar tools to locate the hull and data recorders of the plane that entered the ocean Monday just after the start.

“When we found signs of metal, we will distribute underwater heaters to find the black boxes”, says Mr Tjahjono, and estimates that ping as a flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder can be detected from just over a mile.

Search by sea

New Boeing 737 model was missing shortly after starting from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang.

Mr. Tjahjono said he questioned Lion Air about a problem that the jet experienced on a flight from Bali to Jakarta, Sunday and sought clarity on “what the problem was and how they handled it.” The airline has said that the planet experienced a “technical problem” that was resolved before Monday’s deadly flight.

Data collected by Flightradar24, a flight tracking network, indicated that the plane was affected by possible irregular speed and altitude readings on both crashed and previous flight, including a dump in height as a pilot described as unusual.

Mr. Tjahjono said he was focused on finding recorders or black boxes and that his team also collected flight lists, control tower data, maintenance records and pilot records to facilitate the investigation.

The loss of Lion Air Flight 610 was the first major accident with the Boeing 737 MAX 8, a new variant of the company’s popular single-run 737. Officials say no-one has likely survived the crash.

Air traffic officials lost contact with Flight 610 in 13 minutes after departing from Jakarta’s main airport for Pangkal Pinang, a city on the island of Bangka. The Ministry of Transport said the pilots had requested returning to Jakarta airport before they disappeared from radar.

Rescue workers said they had found human remains floating in the area where the planet went down and sent 24 body bags containing body parts to a police hospital for DNA identification. But they have not yet found the ship, believed to be on the seabed about 115 meters deep.

The southern area was expanded from five to ten nautical miles from which planet is thought to have crashed, “said Didi Hamzar, chief emergency preparedness for search and rescue services. The search was carried out in good weather by 50 divers, 35 boats and three aircraft.

Flight 610’s captain was Bhavye Suneja, an Indian from New Delhi and mediapot Harvino, an Indonesian. Mr Suneja joined Lion 2011, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Lion Air said that Mr. Suneja had more than 6000 hours of flight experience, while Harvino, who likes many Indonesians, has a name, had more than 5,000 hours.

Rescuers say they have found junk and body parts off the Jakarta coast in the supposed place where an Indonesian jetliner with 189 people walked down minutes after starting. Photo: Getty Images

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 jet was delivered to Lion Air in August. It was equipped with CFM International Leap-1B engines, which, along with other technological improvements, make plans more than 10% more fuel efficient than older variants of similar rays.

Lion Air is a major customer for Boeings Max 8 and other variants of its 737 jet and for the rival Airbus A320s single-line.

The investigation is early and the authorities have not stated that a malfunction of equipment caused the accident. Boeing said that it provides technical assistance to the probe, while CFM said it was about offering assistance.

U.S. The aviation authorities will carefully monitor the probe, resulting from the efforts of the Federal Aviation Authority to streamline the procedures for certification of new aircraft.

Lion Air, formally known as PT Lion Mentari Airlines, is one of the largest budget companies in Asia and owned by Indonesian tycoon Rusdi Kirana.

The carrier has had a spotty security record. In April 2013, a new Boeing crashed into shallow water, short of course in Bali resort. All 108 passengers and crew were rescued. The crash is blamed on the pilot error.

Indonesia has a long history of aviation disasters and its carriers were limited for many years from flying to the United States and Europe for safety reasons. The government and airlines promised to increase control and improve safety. The last restrictions on Indonesia’s airline will be lifted in June this year.

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