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India Engaged with stakeholders about Iranian oil production: Government

New Delhi:India said on Thursday that it was engaged to the United States, Iran and other stakeholders on the issue…

New Delhi:

India said on Thursday that it was engaged to the United States, Iran and other stakeholders on the issue of US sanctions at imports of Iranian oil which will come into force as of 4 November.

Talesman at the Foreign Ministry Raveesh Kumar said India has already conveyed its position to the United States.

Kumar said India is also involved in the US on the issue of the S-400 Agreement with Russia

“We are involved in the United States on the issue. We have shared our position with the American sides at different levels. These discussions have contributed to a better understanding of the United States about our goals and problems as well as our feelings and expectations, “he said.

On October 5, India and Russia signed a $ 5 billion S-400 air defense system, despite US sanctions for military operations with Moscow. [1

9659004] On US sanctions on imports of Iranian oil from November 4, Kumar said: “We are discussing with Iran and other stakeholders. It will not be correct to go into the details of how to deal with the situation.”

Han said the US Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook held talks with officials from various relevant ministries here on the issue.

“We have communicated to him that the price of crude oil is a matter of our domestic economy and directly affects the ordinary people,” he said at a press conference.

Kumar said India’s expectations have become known for the United States side and allowed India to estimate the statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the intention to impose sanctions on Iran should not hurt India.

“We intend to continue our commitment with the United States and other state owners to ensure our energy security and to protect our national interests,” said Kumar.

He said India tried to see how it could find a solution to the problem.

It has turned out that India can not completely stop importing crude oil from Iran.

Mr. Kum is said that India will do everything to ensure its energy security.

In May, the United States returned sanctions against Iran after withdrawing from Iran’s nuclear agreement concluded until 2015.

The United States has told India and other countries to reduce imports from the Gulf Nations to “zero” by 4 November or against sanctions.

Iran is India’s third largest oil supplier for Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Iran delivered 18.4 million tonnes of crude oil between April 2017 and January 2018 (the first 10 months of budget 2017-18).

Sources said India also looks at the possibility of falling back on the rupee arrangement for imports of oil from Iran in the wake of US sanctions.

The Rupee-rial arrangement was used to buy oil from Iran before sanctions were brought against it three years ago.

Under the mechanism, India went to pay in euros to clear 55 cents of its fees through the Ankara-based Halk Bank. The remaining 45 percent payment was repaid in rupees in accounts Iran’s oil company had with UCO Bank.

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