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In Wisconsin, Walker falls into long lasting anger and fresh endurance

HUDSON, WIS. – After two terms, a revoking attempt and a failed president, Wisconsin Gov., were rejected. Scott Walker Tuesday…

– After two terms, a revoking attempt and a failed president, Wisconsin Gov., were rejected. Scott Walker Tuesday of voters who were tired of his ties to President Donald Trump, cuts to education and resistance to unions.

Walker acknowledged Wednesday afternoon to Tony Evers, superintendent of the State Department for Public Enlightenment, after reaching 31,000 votes short of 2.6 million cast. Although Wisconsin is a huge rep of Republican Red, he lost Milwaukee, Madison and the surrounding suburbs for reasons discussed and debated Wednesday around this western Wisconsin city.

On St. Croix Tobacco Inc. comes a mostly male audience and walks all day, stopping for a smoke and chitchat. On duty Wednesday, James Palas was wearing a leather vest over his US Marine Corps Semper Fi T-shirt, who said he voted for Evers because he has many friends who are teachers and that Walker “messed up with something he should not have Han really went after them. “

A manufacturing supervisor, Palas is not in a union himself, but he oversees union workers for a Houston-based company. “They need some protection,” said Palas.

Like some others, he also saw a voice against Walker as a vote against Trump, who fought in the state, as well as Vice President Mike Pence. Palas said he is not fond of Trump’s division policy.

“I’m a Retired Marine,” he said. “I defend all people &#821

1; race, creed, religion, it does not matter to me.”

Neil Kraus, chairman of the University of Wisconsin River Falls Political Department, said Walker campaigned and ruled with a damn dictator’s style before Trump made it national.

During his time and in his previous campaigns, Walker focused on whipping up his rural followers and made some effort to join the urban and suburban swing voters. Perhaps as a result, Walker lost the suburbs surrounding Milwaukee and Madison who had supported him in previous elections, Kraus said.

Walker also had a habit of shunning someone who was not with him, rewarding his money and trying to ignore all others, Sa Kraus. This approach was thin, even among his allies.

In the past few weeks, four former members of the Walker Cabinet spoke to him, Kraus said.

Kraus also believes that the voter’s major concerns were the economy and health care. “Although the national economy is good, it’s not good for many educated people here,” he said. “Wage developments are still barely above inflation.”

After several years of struggle against the Affordable Care Act, Walker stated last month that he supports the law’s requirement that health insurance companies cover existing conditions. “It was a tough sale,” Kraus said.

Down at the cigar shop, John Nickleby broke in from his cafe on the street and declared that he voted for a straight republican ticket. “My basic philosophy is that I do not want the government of my life,” he said, admitting it under Walker. “Property taxes have not gone up for several years”.

Nickleby said he also believed that Walker’s attack on teachers caught up with him “They’ve been trying to get him long,” he said.

At Kozy Korner Pizza in North Hudson, Doug Van Dyke, retired from the army, said that he voted for Evers, despite being a Trump supporter. He said Walker did a good job on budget issues but never did much for the military. “I would not just vote for him this time,” says Van Dyke.

A few places down, Margot Murphy, selling real estate, said Walker’s action against unions is still a “painful subject”, but as a fiscal conservative she voted for him.

She said she suspects that his failed president in 2016 cost him home. “People thought his focus was somewhere else,” she said.

Julie Hammon, who charges a hutch she had bought on a property sales near Hudson City, is a dental hygienist and union member who is smiling about the election results. By Walker, she said, “I’m a pro everything he’s against” and adds: “I just think people are ready for a change. He’s been there for a long time.”

With his dog Luna for an afternoon walk, 23- year-old bartender Jackson Raley did not vote for Evers or Walker. He voted for the Green Party down the vote because the others had not focused enough on the environment. “We have to save the planet,” he said. “We need to focus more on doing so, developing alternative fuel sources.”

Kathy and George Ball, retired and moving to River Falls from Illinois, said they were proud of Walker’s aspirations. “I do not like how he came down to teachers,” said George Ball. “We have many teachers in our family.”

Back to Kozy Korner, Murphy said she is happy that the campaign period is over. “I hope there is a new tone,” she said. “I hope all our politicians say there must be a new tone.”

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