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In the evening: Kyrie makes Raptors

In the evening: Kyrie makes Raptors Breaking News Home / Sports / In the evening: Kyrie makes Raptors November 17,…

In the evening: Kyrie makes Raptors
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As an NBA champion and three-time finalist, Celtics All-Star Kyrie Irving has ample experience on the sharp step that professional basketball has to offer.

And yet he was in the middle of November, five months before the finishing touches even began, his chickens lick over a regular season matchup.

For good reason: The Raptors brought their NBA best 12-3 record to Boston for a potentially – ridiculously early preview of the Eastern Conference final.

“I’m excited about that game,” Irving said before Friday’s game. “Of course one game at a time, but it’s just a race’s dream to go against the best of the best.”

As he did so many times over the years, Irving rose to one of the best games in his career with high seasons of 43 points and 1

1 assists in an exciting 123-116 overtime victory. Per Elias Sports, Irving is the first Celtic with 40 plus points and 10-plus assists since Antoine Walker 2001 and third overall. (Trivia question: What other Boston big did it? Answer below.)

Anchored by Irving’s ridiculous efficiency – the five-star star struck 18 of 26 shots with just three turns – Celtics surpassed some mid-game strikes to end the game on a 20- 9-running.

It was not really a perfection for a team that joined the NBA’s seventh worst offensive rating. But with Jayson Tatum chipping in 21 points and Gordon Hayward struck a handful of important free throws / shots down the distance, Celtics saw at least closer to the contestant who expected to be the 8-6 media critic who entered the game.

“It’s only good for us to see growth,” says Irving, a reference to last month’s 12-point loss for Raptors. “To have a good Friday evening game, go to Toronto Raptors … awesome.”

Kyrie Irving lights up the Raptors for 43 points.

Parting shot

Considering how aggressively he forced his way out of Minnesota, it should not be so much of a surprise that Jimmy Butler is not going to quietly in the night with his new team.

Played in his first home game with the 76’s butler poured 28 points, of which eight in the fourth quarter, with seven aids as they held on Jazz 113-107.

Then his postage interview came where he … yes, just listen to yourself.

Not that the Timberwolves are likely to feel for terrified by Butler’s shotgun. They drilled Blazers with 16 for their third straight victory after sending him out.

Alarm Clock

It took a lot of Bucks to realize they had a game on Friday.

When they did, the results could not have been much more impressive.

Down 22 at the end of the second quarter and 18 in the break, Bucks became alive with a monstrous 46-point third quarter, which eventually matched Bulls with 37 in the second half on their way to a 123-104 squad.

According to ESPN’s Kevin Pelton, Bucks failed to beat the record for the biggest win margin after having scored at least 18 points in half.

By @bball_ref The biggest profit margin ever for a team running at least 18 at half time was 20 points of Miami over Houston in November 2015. @RyanRuocco

– Kevin Pelton (@ kpelton) November 17, 2018

Their second half-shot card was a masterpiece of modern basketball philosophy, with only two of its 27 bounces coming outside the color or inside the 3-point line.

And maybe the best part of Everything: The bucks did not need Giannis Antetokounmpo to be ridiculous to burn back. Instead, he was only regular big (23 points, 13 rebounds, four assists) like Eric Bledsoe scored 25, Khris Middleton scored 23 and Bucks hit 18 3-pointers with 28 assists.

“We knew we did not play hard enough,” said Antetokounmpo. “(Coach Mike Budenholzer) was angry. He was really upset. We do not need that kind of half for us to pick up. From the first minutes of the game we have to set the tone.” [19659002] Says Budenholzer, “A lot of credit to the guys to get it together and play how we want to play.”

Tweets That Do not Aging Well

Such enthusiasm was not in order after Davis succeeded in an uneven two points in the first quarter at the Smoothie King Center at which time Knicks led by 16.

But unfortunately for Robinson and his teammates NBA matches four fourths long.

By the time they had passed, Knicks knocked out of New Orleans in the face of a truly dominant achievement from Davis, recovering from his bad start to collecting a season-high 43 points, 17 rebounds and five assists in a 129

Enes Edges summarized the attack as such:

Unfortunate performance

Jazz guards Donovan Mitchell also hit an impressive line but of a completely different variety.

When he shot 35 shots without any help, he became the first player to reach those thresholds since Carmelo Anthony 2014, and only fourth since the NBA-ABA merger 1976-1977.

And in contrast to Anthony, who finished with a career high 62 points, Mitchell converted only 13 shots on his way to a relatively weak 31.

Full credit to Mitchell, at least belonging to the horror movie: “I shot 35 shots , it can not happen. Zero helps. It’s not me, it’s not me I’ve been. It can not happen. “

Unique form

The evolution of Markelle Fultz’s bullet continues, and that’s … something.


Little JT Holiday helps her dad to warm up for Friday’s game:

Trivia Question

Answer: Larry Bird, who first made it 1986, and another five times thereafter.

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