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In space, one tries to think and feed a child: how is the experiment – Techno 24

<img class = "aligncenter" src = "" alt = "Scientific still can not figure out exactly how open space affects…

<img class = “aligncenter” src = “” alt = “Scientific still can not figure out exactly how open space affects different organs. But this knowledge is necessary to implement the plan for colonization of other planets.

As the publication of Naked Science, researchers from the Space Life Origins project are looking for a woman who would feed in outer space. The experiment you plan to spend 2024

“If humanity wants to be beat plan, you must understand how to reproduce in space,” says founder and CEO of SpaceLife Origin Keys Mulder.

Now, SpaceLife Origin is planning to conduct some preliminary tests, and only then go to birth space. Now researchers are working to create an “embryo space incubator”. In this “incubator” you want to put a human sperm and egg and send in space in 2021

. Fertilization of the egg, according to the researcher a, held in space, and then begin embryonic development.

Four days after conception, the incubator will return to the ground, where the embryo of the uterus pomed dobrovolec. In order to be born, this woman also has space.

The company assured that the birth process will be accompanied by a doctor, so it will be safe for mother and child.

According to preliminary estimates, the perception of an embryo in space can cost about five million dollars and birth even more.

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