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In Conversation with Cult Designers Sabry Marouf

Ahmed Sabry (L) and Daki Marouf (R), the creative talent behind Sabry Marouf

Growing up amidst one of the oldest cultures in the world, the young men behind Sabry Marouf have always been fascinated with the mystery and lure of ancient Egypt. And it’s a love affair that has never ended. The duo, who founded their namesake brand in 2012, took their intrigue and brought it to life through a line of bold artisanal jewellery. With Sabry’s historic narrative combined alongside Marouf’s training as an architect, their timeless pieces tell the story of an enigmatic ancient culture. One that has transcended into a debut collection of bags, also inspired by their homegrown civilization. MOJEH sat down with the designers to find out why their new Amarna bag should be on everyone’s radar this SS18.

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