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In a first, the AI ​​robber accuses his astronaut of being meaningful to the

December 1, 2018 Science 0 Views People who blame each other for being rude are too common, as now a…

People who blame each other for being rude are too common, as now a robot has been exposed to being average for it.

Earlier this year, a free floating robot team called Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON) was sent to ISS to help crew members. In a recently released video, the robot accused the crew member of being average and asking him to be “handsome”.

CIMON is actually a 3D-printed robot surface filled with IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence. The robot was intended to help the crew members with tasks, give a little entertainment and increase their morale.

AI robot to go with space astronauts

In a video released on Friday by the European Space Agency ESA, CIMON initially announced politely to respond to ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s commands. The robot then hangs in a small chat with Gerst. Gerst asks CIMON to play his favorite song, but after he has asked him to stop playing it, the robot seems a little restless and asks him to stop being so meaningful and start sinking down to the deck.

Video Courtesy: European Space Agency

But despite the unpredictable behavior, the comments are just another form of entertainment for the astronauts up there. However, the $ 6 million robot-based robot showed some exceptional tricks and has helped its employees advantageously.

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