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Ilford elbow kills: Sana Muhammad's death “shocked people to the core”

captionSana Muhammad died in hospital on Monday The death of a pregnant woman killed in an elbow attack in her…

 Sana Muhammad


Sana Muhammad died in hospital on Monday

The death of a pregnant woman killed in an elbow attack in her own home has “shocked people at the heart”, said a member of parliament.

Sana Muhammad, 35, died on Monday after the attack in Ilford, East London, but her unborn son was delivered safely.

Ilford North MP Wes Streeting said in Parliament that her death had left people in shock “up and down the country”.

Prime Minister Theresa May said that laws on crossbows should be examined after Muhammad’s death.

Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo, 50, without a permanent address, has been charged with Muhammad’s murder and will be shown on Old Bailey on Thursday.

Speaking of the Prime Minister’s questions, Streeting said: “I know I will speak for every member of the House to express our deepest compassion to the family and our best regards to the child for a quick recovery.”

“In view of these weapons, like the elbow, used to kill my constituent is easily sold online, I can urge the Prime Minister to look urgently and seriously to expand the law on offensive weapons so that we can strengthen the scope of laws such as regulates the sale, possession and use of these lethal weapons. “

Ms. responded saying that crossbows were” exposed to strict controls “, but the government would” consider the risk of public security and if further action is needed “.


Metpolis said that the newborn child stays in hospital in a “stable state”

Offers of assistance to Mrs Muhammad’s family, including a duty to cover funeral expenses, have flooded the community.

Redbridge Council leader Jas Athwal said the government should support the family for “as long as needed”

Almost SEK 3,000 has also been raised by a Go Fund Me page describing Muhammad’s death as “unimaginable.”

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] Mohamed Omer from the cemetery and the funeral in the garden said: “The whole of the Muslim community and the entire Redbridge community are in absolute shock as to what happened .

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.

“To help them succeed, we make the family to Sana Muhammad, knowing that they do not have to worry about funeral expenses, because we will cover them.”


Police said the victims and the suspects were known to each other

Muhammad was attacked in front of his five other children in the family home at Applegarth Road, her husband Imtiaz Muhammad told the evening standard.

She was diagnosed with stomach ulcers and pronounced dead at 11.00 GMT less than four hours after the attack.

But her son was delivered by Caesarean section and “stays in a stable condition in a critical care unit,” said the police.

Counselor Athwal said he had asked for an “urgent meeting” with the City Chief “to discuss security” in the Redbridge area.

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