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If you encrypt your messages with this app no ​​one can spy your WhatsApp ever

Surely you’ve heard about the WhatsApp encryption . In case anyone does not know, WhatsApp has what is known as…

If you encrypt your messages with this app no ​​one can spy your WhatsApp ever

Surely you’ve heard about the WhatsApp encryption . In case anyone does not know, WhatsApp has what is known as an end-to-end encryption, which means that I, as the sender, encrypt the message and only you, as a receiver, can decrypt it. The systems have advanced a lot, and spy conversations between two people is much more complicated than it was at the time, but these ‘digital’ ciphers do not protect you from one thing: the eyes of others . No matter how encrypted your message is, anyone can look over your shoulder and read everything you send and receive. But that’s over.

In this article we are going to show you how to encrypt your messages using one of the most famous encryption systems ever created: the one of Enigma machine . If you do not know what Enigma is, it is a machine developed by the German company Scherbius & Ritter that was used by Hitler’s army during World War II. With her they encrypted their messages so that, even being intercepted by the Allies, they could not decipher them.

To be able to solve an encrypted message with one of these machines (I say “one” because there are several models), it was necessary to know in advance how the machine that had encrypted the text was configured . This is exactly what EnigmAndroid does, an app hosted in the F-Droid app store that You can download to your Android completely free to encrypt your messages.

Encrypting your messages using the Enigma machine

To illustrate the article I have used the most basic model, which is the commercial, better known as Enigma-D . If you are interested in knowing how Enigma worked -somewhat interesting and complex- I recommend that you go through here . The app, as you see, has no major complication (If you do not want to have it, because you can do the most complicated encryption in the world if you take patience).

The first thing you have to do is press the settings button, go to “Settings” and, in “Enigma Model”, choose “D (Commercial)” . The rest leave it as it is and return to the main screen. You will see that you have four blocks marked each with an “A”. Modify them and put them as you want. I, for example, have put them like this: A, B, C, D . Done this, write your message and press the orange button. The app will return the encrypted message just as the original Enigma machine would have done . Now you just have to copy and paste the received text and send it to any person through the app you want.

In Wiring Reflector you can change the association of each letter. By default and for example, the Q is associated with the L, but you can choose another letter and complicate it as much as you want.

And how does the recipient decrypt the message? Well, you have two options: either you explain how to configure your Enigma machine (difficult option) or you share the settings of the machine (quick option and similar to what the German army did). To do this, simply click on the settings button and click on “Share configuration”. Do you see that it generates a text? Well Copy it and send it to the other person.

This should press the settings button, choose “Restore configuration” and paste the text that you just sent . So the machine will be modified and will set the same parameters as yours. Now you only have to enter the encrypted text that you have sent, press the orange button and you’re done, Can read your message! If you like the idea and want to try it for yourself, you can download the app from F-Droid or from here .

Pro trick : this configuration that you have seen above is the most basic that can be used. You can complicate encryption as much as you want using different machines and changing the association of characters.

The challenge

I leave here this encrypted message: AIGQP IECKO SIKHD . I trust you to be able to decrypt it. If you get it, copy and paste the result in the comments.

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