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“I'm on the ticket”: Trump tries to make his choice, although some do not want it to be

President Trump is not voting in November. He is not an option in voting rights or a candidate for any…

President Trump is not voting in November. He is not an option in voting rights or a candidate for any higher office.

But it has not stopped the president and some in his or her circles from making an unequivocal pitch for “Trump 2018” – even as he says he won Do not blame if the Republicans lose in November.

“I’m not on the ticket, but I’m on the ticket, because this is also a referendum on me.” Trump boomed this month at a rally in Southaven, Miss. “I want you to vote. Tell me I’m on the vote.”

He said much the same in West Virginia, where he promoted the state’s nominated GOP senate: “A voice for Patrick Morrisey is a voice for me” Trump said in a line that Morris’s campaign was restored in a new ad.

And Trump’s nephew Donald Trump Jr. has made a similar appeal and warns that while voters may not even know their local congressional leaders, they intuitively understand that the Trump name is on the vote. “The reality is for them, Trump is on the ticket in 201

8,” said Trump Jr. during a new campaign swing in Texas.

All half-time elections are to a certain extent a referendum on sitting president and power. But with the power of personality and bold statements, Trump has deliberately placed himself in mid-November elections, and expressly voters say they cast a vote for him, rather than his local representative.

President Trump listens as Rep Andy Barr (R-Ky.) Speaking at a meeting in October 13 in Richmond, Ky. (Andrew Harnik / AP)

“And this is astonishing how?” Shaked Jennifer Duffy, Chief Editor at the Cook Political Report. 19659009] Bill Stepien, Political Director of the White House, said the strategy acknowledges that Trump’s policy is already being voted in November so he can as well use his personal appeal to try to move the “Trump coalition” to vote for Republican candidates who will support his agenda if chosen.

“He is a party leader, and he is willing to put his own political capital on the line in favor of his party,” said Stepien. “The president knows how to push his bass, he knows his voters, and that’s what he’s responding to.”

However, the risk is that when exploiting his base, he could postpone the democratic side while alienating moderate deputy voters, who may look at Congress to serve as a control of the president.

“The Deadly Mistakes” of Trump’s Strategy, Guy Cecil, President of US Priorities, a Democratic Super PAC “one, it justifies our side and two, assumes that all former Trump voters still vote for the Republic, house and governor routes we see is not the case. “

A supporter looks at President Trump at an Oct 13 rally in Richmond, Ky. (JOSHUA ROBERTS / REUTERS)

Trump advisors have repeatedly told the president that it is only exercising their achievements will not drive half-time participation and that he must continue to position himself as a counterweight to a liberal democratic “mob” threatening his achievements, people said close to him. They have also stressed that the unlikely coalition of voters who helped lift him to victory in 2016 may not be justified in voting in the election, especially for Republicans who do not share their unconventional style.

The President in the meantime has told the White House assistants that his supporters do not come to the vote unless they think the election is important to him, allowing two advisors.

“He has basically internalized the message that” I’m so important that people will not go out and vote if it’s not about me, “said a former White House assistant, in terms of anonymity to share clear talks .

Trump has asked advisor how popular he is in specific districts – and compare his current support with his 2016 margin. When he sees his number gliding in a particular district, counselors said the president became more determined to travel there. The president is now meeting several times a week with his political team to discuss the election.

Already a robust travel schedule just three weeks before the middle, the president has advised that he wants to campaign for the Republicans six days a week – and see these mega rallies as a test site for his own 2020 rescue initiative. He plans to travel nonstop in the last 10 days until the election on November 6, advisers said.

Advisors have uppma waited for him, without success, not to travel to Texas or Wisconsin, two states where the president announced campaign progress next week. His law had claimed that he would waste his time because they believe Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) will win his race, while Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) Will Lose His.

Trump assistants have become increasingly concerned about the prospect of Republicans losing the House, the President himself personally insists that the polls are fake and that his performances at rally will bear Republicans to victory in the middle.

“Every survey says – and most of the experts say it’s about how people know him, his administration and the country’s direction,” said Rudolph W. Giuliani, Trump’s Personal Lawyer for Special Council Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia’s probe. “If it is or is not about him, they will either blame him, give him credit to win. So when he sees such a situation, his instinct is” Let’s go for it. “He remembers what his collections did to take out the base. “

CEO and his political advisor say republican candidates are the only way to win is to support Trump, especially on trade and economy. The height so far has been met with “mixed answers back”, said an older official at the White House.

Operators and investigators from both parties say that the strategy offers both risks and possible rewards.

The Republican investigator Neil Newhouse said the election has already been nationalized, and Trump can be very helpful by pushing its voters on the polls.

“He understands that this race will be about him and he will embrace it in one way or the other,” said Newhouse. “What we need is for Trump’s bass and his softer supporters to understand what’s at stake for this choice.

He added: “If there is a politician alive today who knows how to motivate his base, it’s Donald Trump.”

But Ted Strickland, the former Democratic Governor of Ohio, warned that some Trump voters could have “buyer’s regret”.

“He has his base but moderate to progressive independence, and even some Republicans are tired of his bravado and not like him,” says Strickland.

On the other hand, Duffy said that the democratic base can already approach its highest enthusiasm levels , which means that his presence can have greater influence among the Republicans.

Democrats, Duffy said, “have been energized for months. What are their thanks? How much growth is there? They are pretty close to their roof already. “

The real question for many is whether the president can motivate his benevolence voters who may not have voted regularly before 2016. Trump played an influential role in many Republican primary competitions and helped his party to close the gap in several special elections. Nevertheless, democratic senate candidates In some states like Trump won – Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – leading their Republican rivals in the last poll.

The president and his team also seem to try to get it in both ways – place him as the savior if the Republicans win but shrug off Trump told on Tuesday the Associated Press that he has no responsibility if republicans do not stick to the chamber.

Presidents are historically losing their seat during the mid-term election, as former President Barack Obama did in 2010 and 2014. ] His 2010 routing by Republicans was so devastating that he described them t as a “shellacking” and publicly took personal responsibility.

Trump would succeed in a better fate, said Newhouse.

“Whatever political rules we learned in the last two decades, it’s history,” said Newhouse. “Trump writes about the political rules here, so just because it did not work for Obama is no reason to believe it will not work for Donald Trump.”

Robert Costa contributed to this report.

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