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I'm happy to report the 2020 Genesis G90 has good wheels

November 28, 2018 Technology 0 Views Image: Hyundai It's been quite a while since an OEM has released a new…

Image: Hyundai

It’s been quite a while since an OEM has released a new wheel design that made me look and feel. I’ve long believed that it’s the wheels that make the car, from a visual perspective, and many manufacturers have called in wheel design.

Image: Maybach

A few hours ago the G90 was first shown with these incredible wheels, some have mentioned the big wheels you can find on today’s Maybach. For one thing, Genesis is mentioned in the same breath as Maybach only benefits Genesis. For another, Genesis has managed to make a more beautiful wheel. The Maybach turbine gearwheel is good, but not as good as the interwoven spikes in Korean.

Genesis, in lobbing Hail Mary’s new G90 luxury sedan at LA Auto Show, hoping for a miracle, has paid serious attention to the wheels. They look amazing. They look like they belong at a real grand sedan. They are big and somehow remain elegant. It is a tough balance to achieve.

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This is a modern touch on the wristwheels once upon a time, which was a modern mother of the wire spikes once upon a time. The designer who wrote these wheels and the engineer that made them a reality deserve some applause.

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