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“I love him as he is” – The Springfield family shares the joy of having children born without the skull

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Correction: The original version of this story had incorrect information about when On Angels Wing photographer Michelle…

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Correction: The original version of this story had incorrect information about when On Angels Wing photographer Michelle Renfro began chronicling family travel. Renfro first took pictures of Mastersons after Owen was born.

Sometimes the doctors are wrong.

As when Tom and Jessica Masterson – for 24 weeks pregnant – was told that their children probably would not survive the pregnancy.

If the child does it in the long term, the doctors warned, he would definitely not survive the birthright.

And if the child in any way survives the birth, Mastersons would not have much time with him.

“He will not be compatible with life,” Tom Masterson recalled a doctor’s word. “He will not survive this.”

Tom logged in to baby Owen, now a year old, as he told the story.

Owen has an acalvary, an extremely rare malformation consisting of absence of skull and facial legs.

Owen has no skull over his eyebrows and ears to protect his brain. When the condition was detected under an ultrasound after 24 weeks, the doctors were not sure if Owen had a skin covering his brain.

“Our pastor had come to the hospital before he was born and could pray with us.” Tom continued. “We felt convinced that God would do something that Owen had a very special thing. We did not know what it was, but we felt there was a special purpose for him.”

The purpose of the oven, according to his parents, is simply this : share his story of hope and faithfulness with others.

“It’s definitely challenging, but I would not change him,” said Jessica, and put Owen in her arms she has to do for the better part of the day. “I love him as he is.”

Her husband agreed.

“We are so grateful to him,” said Tom. “I’m so glad we’ll experience this, and we do not know what it looks like long term. The doctors are like:” We’re ready to say. We do not know. We have not been right anyway so we will stop talking about it. “”

Owen doctor told the family that he found about 10 cases where a child has survived more than a few hours of acalvary. Owen celebrated his 1 year birthday earlier this month.

“We have been chosen to get him”

Tom and Jessica Masterson, both from the Jefferson City area, found jobs in the Springfield area not long after graduating from Missouri State University.

Tom landed a teaching job with Springfield Public Schools and later employed as deputy principal. He is currently in charge of Jeffries Elementary.

Jessica was employed as a speech therapist at the Early Childhood Center, but chose to leave that position to take care of Owen.

About three years ago, they entered a 2-year-old named Ryleigh. They have since adopted her.

The couple had a miscarriage not long before they became pregnant again in 2016.

With Owen, Mastersons said they were excited when they reached the 20 week point and have an ultrasound to teach the child’s sex.

They were told that it was a boy, but technicians could not see the child’s head.

“They just said,” We did not see everything so see you again. “And we were like,” okay. “We had no idea there was concern,” said Tom. “Then at 24 weeks they told us.”

“The guy did the ultrasound and told us,” Hi, the doctor will be talking to you in a minute, “Tom told. “We knew immediately.”

An obstetrician came into the room trying to explain about the child’s “very abnormal brain development”.

The couple said they had not encountered themselves what the doctor said.

They could not make a diagnosis, but they could say there was a significant absence of skull, Tom said. “I went out.”

Jessica said she “just tried to process her husband on the floor” – Like is this really what they tell us? “

The doctor suggested that they lead to Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University in St. Louis for a second opinion.

That was there, in 27 weeks, the Mastersons had a fetal MR and was told that the child had an acalvary.

“They had told us for sure that he will not survive,” said Tom.

Mastersonsen was told to end pregnancy under these circumstances, although she was over 20 weeks, was something they could consider.

“We just did not say that. That’s not something we will consider remotely, “said Tom.” We do not really know what this will look like but this is our baby. We have been chosen to get him. So we will do everything we can to love him as long as we get him. “

After hearing that the child would not probably survive the pregnancy, Jessica said she feared her expiration date. She loved the feeling that Owen was moving in her stomach and did not want to lose it.

” I felt like if he is in the womb, he is sure, “she said.” I can not do anything when he is born or after he is born … I was like, “he can only stay.” “

All this just came a few weeks after Mastersons shared their “It’s a Boy” news on Facebook. Now they had more news to share.

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