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Hundreds of misses in firefighting before Trump's visit

CHICO, California – With the confirmed death penalty at 63, the northern California authorities continued on Friday to search for…

CHICO, California – With the confirmed death penalty at 63, the northern California authorities continued on Friday to search for those who perished and those who survived the sharpest of fires before a planned visit by President Donald Trump.

The president on Saturday is expected to take a look at the grief and damage caused by the deadliest US wilderness for a century, and he could face anger from the locals to blame the inferno of poor forest management in California.

Trump said in an interview taped Friday and scheduled to broadcast on “Fox News Sunday”, he was surprised to see pictures of firefighters who wiped dried brush near a fire and added: “It should have been eliminated . “

When the search for bodies continued, Spokeswoman for Second County Member Miranda Bowersox said the “unaccounted for” list for more than 600 names released at the Sheriff’s Office late Thursday was an attempt to name it there so people can call in to say that they are OK. [1

9659002] The rooster probably contains some who flown the fan and do not realize they have been reported missing, said sheriff Kory Honea.

Some of the list has been confirmed as dead by family and friends on social media. Others have been placed and are safe, but the authorities have not been popular to mark those found.

Tamara Conry said she should never have been on the list.

“My husband and I do not miss and never were.” Conry wrote on Facebook on Thursday night. “We have no family looking for us … I called and left a message to remove our names.”

The authorities compiled the list by going back to listen to all the broadcast calls they received since the fire started, to make sure they did not miss anyone.

Last year’s disastrous wilderness in California wine country, Sonoma County authorities at one point listed more than 2,000 missing people. But they slowly lowered the figure. Eventually 44 people died in several counties.

Wilderness this time, but the paradise population lost 27,000 people and severely damaged the remote communities Magalia and Concow on November 8, which destroyed 9,700 houses and 144 apartments buildings, said the authorities.

Firemen continued to win land against the fan, which swept 222 square kilometers (575 square kilometers). It contained 45 percent and did not constitute an immediate threat to populated areas. The crew managed to prevent it from spreading to Oroville, the population of 19000.

This patch of California, a former Gold Rush region in the Sierra Nevada fathers, is to some extent Trump Country, with Trump slaughtering Hillary Clinton in Butte County with 4 percent points in 2016.

But some survivors regret Trump trains on Twitter two days after the disaster to blame the fires of poor forest deficiency. He threatened to withhold federal payments from California.

“If you insult people, then you visit them, how do you think you will be accepted? You will not get a parade” Maggie Crowder of Magalia said Thursday outside of informal protection at a parking lot in Walmart in Chico .

But Stacy Lazzarino, who voted for Trump, said it would be good for the president to see the devastation close: “I think he may see what he is going to be like” oh my goodness “and it may start to open people’s eyes. “

In his interview with Fox News in the evening of the visit, the president repeated his criticism. Asking if he believed that climate change contributed to the fires, he said: “Maybe it will help. The big problem we have is the management.”

Nick Shawkey, a captain of the state fire station, said the president’s tweet blamed poor forest management was founded on a “misunderstanding”. The federal government manages 46 percent of the country in California.

“The thing he tweets about is his property,” said Shawkey.

California’s outgoing and incoming governors said they would join Trump on Saturday.

Democrats Gov. Jerry Brown and Governor-elect Gavin Newsom said they welcomed the President’s visit and “Now is the time to gather for the people of California.” Brown and Newsom have been the vocal critics of Trump.

There was also concern about the presidential visit would be disturbing.

“There is already a zoo here and I do not care who the president is. He has to wait for traffic to be terrible,” says Charlotte Harkness, whose home in paradise burned down. “He could only tweet something nice – three words : “I’m sorry,” and that’s good. “

More than 450 seekers continued to look for human remains in the ashes.

About 52,000 people have been expelled and went to homes, motels and homes to friends and Relatives In the winter, many will seek answers to what assistance should be given.

At the Chico Mall where the Federal Emergency Management Agency and others established a help center, 68-year-old Richard Wilson sought information about accommodation. His wife is almost bedridden from lupus and fibromyalgia.

“We have to stay at the Marriott, which is like $ 100 a night, and we have money,” said Wilson when he stood out in rubber bands and no socks-the only footwear he had when he fled the flames as first rde his home.

In Southern California, several residents once again allowed into the home near Los Angeles after the firing was in an area like Denver and destroyed more than 600 homes and other structures. The fire was 69 percent, the authorities said.

At least three deaths were reported.

Schools across a large state state were closed due to smoke, and San Francisco’s world-famous outdoor air cables were pulled out of the streets.

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