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Human claims to have found cures for hangovers after 10 years of “studying” them

Inadvertent punishment. A correction of scales. Bodily revenge. Religious or not; Simply put: You struck Sunday's tequila with Saturday's tequila,…

Inadvertent punishment. A correction of scales. Bodily revenge. Religious or not;

Simply put: You struck Sunday’s tequila with Saturday’s tequila, and now you have to pay.

But before filling Berocca and Gatorade, a man who spent 10 years after testing “everything from parachuting and” polar bear “to saline IV drops and pickled eggs (as well as classic hair like the dog), the author Shaughnessy Bishop- Stall has come to the conclusion that beaver skin is best cured by a lot of ingredients available at your local pharmacy.

As reported by The Guardian, “In order to prevent backbiting, bishop-stall will get after – after drinking but before sleep – milk rule, for the liver the amino acid and the immune system helps N-acetylcysteine; vitamins B1

, B6 and B12, which increase metabolism; and the famous gift to Jesus, incense – an anti-inflammatory. ”

He does not seem to promote a particular brand or product, but there are currently different pills of this description on the market. If you are in the United States, Les Labs sells a popular pastry while in Australia it seems to be the new brand.

Chris Healy, CEO of Rejoove, told us: “We have invested a lot in our R & D to deliver what really is an innovative way to help relieve back pain related symptoms. “

New this year, Rejoove now sees to introduce” Australia’s First Innovative Dual Formula … All-Natural Backstroke “that combines vitamins, herbs and amino acids that help relieve the symptoms of single alcohol consumption,” to the public’s awareness (and to Christmas tree of your mulled-wine-obsessed uncle).

Rejoove contains a “drinking formula” and a “sleep formula”. The former is taken before or during your drinking period to increase your nutritional profile, which will soon be required. The latter is taken after drinking, just before you lie down and is designed to smother you and reduce feelings of nausea.

As a bra explains: “To be fair, there is probably nothing known for Science that can protect a person from red wine, champagne, sweet cocktails and a Tiki Badger all in one night. But Rejoove took the edge of it. “

” I was still waking up at 3 o’clock, but I was so pizzas on the milk tart that I walked out almost immediately. “

” I can not say I felt dazzling fresh, “continues The article. “But without Rejoove kicks my living gear I would have looked like something you mud from a assassination scandal.”

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