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Hugh Freeze to Liberty lmao

Liberty University, which will hire someone, hires Hugh Freeze, a person who needs an institution that would hire someone. SB…

Liberty University, which will hire someone, hires Hugh Freeze, a person who needs an institution that would hire someone. SB Nation Steven Godfrey confirms the local report.

Froze, previously fired by Ole Miss among a scandal that replaced another scandal (the latter he was more responsible for than he had allowed) will be the next head of football coach employed by the athletic director who previously supervised Baylor during his many scandals.

The former Ole Miss head coach had gotten his name in various rumors throughout this coaching cycle, after spending one and a half years after breaking the phone, records that he had taken his Holy Roller action in some situations that did not exactly allowed in the guidebook.

Why a man calls an escort service is one thing.

Why does he do it on a university-designated phone that is subject to Inquiries for public registrations is another. In that frame, freezing is an inexplicable failure. Hubris? Carelessness? Self-tampering? It does not matter.

The stated cause of fire is the escort service: “A failure of character standards for a head coach.” It is not NCAA. Of course, Ole Miss tries to emphasize the former as the latter weighs.

Maybe Freeze may have been maneuvered past the escort service. Hell, probably! This is college football! If it occurred in a vacuum, I think he survives. (“Common” does not begin to quantify the infidelity rumors I hear from coaches.)

But not next to a NCAA investigation.

And not transposed with his public persona of the archetypal evangelical Christian who drives the critics of industry and the media is completely angry. His endless proselytization to defend his character was sometimes as free and repetitive tic as it invited other Christians, including me, to swim by questioning its validity. Such is the failure of faith as a product.

Oh, and Freeze just missed being interrupted for their first two games on Liberty because of the NCAA case. That penalty ended in 2018.

It remains to be seen how Freeze can recruit in Liberty with several intertwined scandals in his background. Lots of coaches have a scandal or two, but how many scandals are directly in contrast to the entire public image that the coaches presented themselves?

Then there is Liberty, where the school president once said ex-Baylor AD “fits perfectly.” I do not think that the picture the rest of us sees from the outside means at all, compared to the image that the school chooses to see itself.

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