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Hue Jackson finally excused excuses because Browns was terrible

And now we know. Time actually went out for Hue Jackson. Browns shot him on Monday morning after a loss…

And now we know. Time actually went out for Hue Jackson. Browns shot him on Monday morning after a loss for Steelers. He brought this. The drama last week with him threatened to get involved in the interview and then move the debt because it ended.

What is Hue Jackson good at? If you ask Brown’s head coach himself, he would say that crime is his specialty. “That’s what I know,” he claimed last week after an overtime loss for Buccaneers. His statement came with a promise to jump in and help embattled offensive coordinator Todd Haley “figure out” why Browns could not make enough points to win games.

They scored 1

8 points in a loss for Steelers. Six of these points came with just 13 seconds left in the match and Pittsburgh’s speed control defensive with a 33-12 lead.

So what did Jackson do to help the offensive this week? Nobody knows. Not even Hue Jackson!

When asked about these comments after this week’s loss, Jackson pointed it out.

“I do not want to talk about or give [credence] something about last week,” said Jackson after Sunday’s game. “I said what I was saying by frustration. It’s over.”

There he was clearly annoyed because the reporters were worried to get the declaration he made waaaaaay earlier, a whole dang week ago.

So how was this one thing in the first place?

Let’s turn back the clock to last week, another forgettable Browns game.

They lost 26-23 in overtime to Bucs. After that game, when Jackson promised to embark on Brown’s offensive decision making.

Having a short memory is important to being a Browns fan. It’s a less appealing quality for the head coach.

When Steelers got a generous place on the same run, Jackson could not challenge, but he could have called a timeout hoping to get the punishment to take another look. Or if nothing else, a timeout just to give its defense a chance to gather before Steelers converted fourth and short on the next game.

Running out of excuses in Cleveland

Jackson’s brief memory was useful when asked about the drama last week.

“Guys, I said what I said last week, and of course it was bones, but I never said I wanted to take out lexicon. I said I wanted to help. That’s all. So today it’s suddenly this one big oil, to make sure everyone will see and say what’s happening? “

Regardless of the commitment he had in the crime of the week, calling plays or just giving some useful advice, it did not work. But because he had put it out, it was much more difficult to fix all the debt on the offensive coordinator. Jackson placed himself as part of the solution, offered a straw and did not like to be held responsible for the same horrible results.

Oh, and he and Todd Haley are also good.

“There’s nothing wrong with my relationship with Haley,” he added.

Maybe not, but forgive me not to accept it at the nominal value. Some interesting reports began to circulate Sunday evening, and reports made some light on the two men’s disagreement over the crime.

Jackson, according to ESPN, allegedly wants Browns to use more no-huddle offensive, faster faster and read options, playing designed to be better fit for where Mayfield is on his first season in the NFL. That type of game has not always worked. And it probably does not help Browns have a pretty bad group of recipients behind Landry. Haley prefers more traditional crime, more fallbacks that may be a blame behind the offensive line.

Change the arrangement of crimes, we learned via Charles Robinson at Yahoo Sports, would require permission from the owner, Jimmy Haslam.

The source of these reports, they appear to give Jackson a small defense for the team’s offensive fight, despite his “help” this week. No matter his weaknesses as head coach.

Jackson has always been quite good at getting his version of the events to the media in one way or another. He survives by creating chaos and then positioning himself as a victim and the person who can clean it up.

But this time it did not matter. Jackson got fired.

There is someone else who has Haslam’s ear now: General Manager John Dorsey. Not even a year at work, he has done much to help clear the team’s staff issues … to remove Jackson’s greatest apology for his shortcomings in the situation. The loss to Steelers and all the drama that followed was just too much for Hue.

It’s another hard season in the Dawg pound, but at least Browns can finally get a new head coach and on track to start winning.

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