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Hubble loses the main camera, unlikely to be repaired soon in the middle of US closure – RT USA News

The Hubble telescope lost its main instrument – Wide Field Camera 3 – due to an unspecified hardware problem. However,…

The Hubble telescope lost its main instrument – Wide Field Camera 3 – due to an unspecified hardware problem. However, NASA engineers are unlikely to address satellite problems directly because of government closure.

Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 stopped working on Tuesday, tweas tweeted. The telescope continues to work with other instruments while “anomaly” is being investigated.

The Wide Breakdown Field Camera 3 may not have left Hubble without its main tool permanently, as the system has a back-up set of electronics that can be activated during a critical interference. So far, it is unclear when (and if) the camera will be resolved.

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 Our galactic neighbor Triangulum © NASA, ESA and M. Durbin, J. Dalcanton, and BF Williams (University of Washington) [19659008] The ongoing state shutdown can throw a wrench into the works. NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, where Hubble's mission is run, is closed. In fact, only a handful of employees who fly actively on the telescope may work. </p><div><script async src=

The head of NASA’s research council, Thomas Zurbuchen, said the division highlights the importance of the team of amazing experts ” working with Hubble, again demonstrating that all space systems have a limited life span.

Hubble launched in 1990 and has received several upgrades several times. The latest service mission occurred in 2009, when it received the now functioning camera, as well as other upgrades, and service missions were carried out by space shuttles and terminated due to cancellation of the transport program.

Lack of proper maintenance has taken its toll on the telescope, which has recently been plagued by technical problems. In October last year, Hubble was out for business for three weeks due to problems with his gyroscope. down over the years.

If another switch, Hubble will work on only one, while the other will be put in reserve. It will allow the telescope to be effectively hobbled and unable to perform certain maneuvers.

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