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HTC’s revenues are the lowest in the last 16 years

The economic income of HTC is becoming less news. The Taiwanese company has been in the doldrums for many months in a row, so many that we have almost seen it on the verge of bankruptcy and had to sell part of its research and development industry to a giant such as Google a while ago. HTC’s mobile division does not benefit the company and its sales reports show us again.

As we have seen in Digitimes , the first quarter of 2018 revenues are the lowest in the history of the company in the last 16 years , when they did not even work with Android.

Specific, HTC has obtained by sales a revenue of 94.77 million dollars in the month of March , which means 6.1% more compared to the previous month, but 46.7% less compared to the same month last year. If we talk about the quarterly income, these have been reduced by 44.1% with respect to the same period of the previous year. In absolute numbers, we speak of “only” 9 billion euros of pure benefits.

HTC U12 +

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Analysts attribute the bad figures to the lack of a high-end terminal that competes with the new models of competition and the low income that virtual reality technologies generate today , in which HTC is putting special pampering lately.

We hope that with the launch of the future HTC U12 +, its only high range for this 2018 , the company can trace the flight as far as possible . Honestly, we have little or no hope of this happening. HTC remains committed to maintaining its same pricing policy, which is its main blight.

For the moment, it is rumored that the HTC U12 + price will be around 900 euros long , so that if true, the company would fall back into its same mistake as always and how poor economic results it is giving them.

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