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However, the Bounty Hunter was investigated for attack, Hecklers watched video

The dog Bounty Hunter has been accused of attacking a man just as the star landed in Colorado with his…

The dog Bounty Hunter has been accused of attacking a man just as the star landed in Colorado with his sad wife Beth but the reality star says the couple were the real victims and aggressively discouraged as soon as they estimated.

According to video taken shortly after the event on Friday, the dog can be seen as engaged in an aggressive confrontation with a man who accused the reality star of shooting his son. The man says, “You put your hands on my son,” while another slammes the N-word of the dog while he is threatening to “beat your ass.” Another man, probably the man’s son, is also screaming at the dog to “S * ck my d * ck.”

In the video, a dog can be seen coming into an elevator with an airport dealer and seems to try to leave the situation before escalating .

The dog eventually shouts, “Let’s go outside, brah.” He also denies allegations he put his hands on someone. Sources near the dog tell us when he said, “Let’s go out,” he referred to speaking with certainty.

We are told the event that started when Dog and Beth landed and the guy apparently went up to the dog and said, “Hello dog, I have a bounty on my head, what to do with it.”

Sources near the dog told him that he was trying to tell the aggressive hecklers that Beth was sick and in a wheelchair and he did not want to move, but the men were allegedly aggressive and would not let go.

Things escalated and we are told that the man threatened Beth by saying “Tell me that the tunic is coming out of the chair, I” I’ll cut her in half. “It’s when we get to know things escalated to what appears on video.

Dog and Beth are both hanging out that he did not touch anyone and we are told that the dog may consider submitting harassment charges to the affected people. 1

9659002] An official of Denver PD tells The Blast a statement about simple assau. It was made against Chapman, and the police are looking at the issue.

We are told that no arrests have been made and the police are looking at the details to see if an abuse occurred.

Chapmans believes in allegations that police are being trumped and claiming they are the real victims. We are also told researchers who have already taken aerial photos and our sources claim that the video defends the dog’s story.

As we reported, Dog and Beth returned go to Colorado to talk to Beth’s doctor and decide the next action to treat her cancer that has spread throughout her body.

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