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How would you like the design of this Nokia X shown on video to come true?

556 Nokia has already shown an advance of what it is capable of doing in the section of design .…


Nokia has already shown an advance of what it is capable of doing in the section of design . He Nokia 8 Sirocco it is a sample of it by the History of the denomination in the company. The firm still has room to maneuver to surprise us with the Nokia 9 . However, a designer puts on the table the Nokia X . It is a recreation conceptual on vide , but lets see a design avant-garde and sophisticated that separates in a certain way from the monotony that currently reigns in the sector.

Although some manufacturers demarcate themselves from the rest and apply smart designs to their smartphones, the truth is that the trend drags the vast majority to bet on conservative lines, based on models that at the time demonstrated an assured success. Given this situation, and in full expansion of smartphones with screens with reduced frames, a designer has wanted to translate in the form of Nokia X a somewhat different design that we will show you on video.

The design of the Nokia X, in video

We present the Nokia X . No, it is not a real model, but after a first look, most certainly many would like it to be. As you can see yourselves through the video which appears below, in it is shown a conceptual model designed without any pattern or filtering as a basis. It is a work carried out by a designer who wanted to leave his mark with a fresh and outstanding design of the Nokia X .

In the part front of the Nokia X highlights the finish, but; Above all, the arrangement of the sensors and front camera on one side. No, although it may seem, there is no notch in the screen . It is really a game of lines and colors that at first can give the impression of notch lateral in the display .

In the lower part of the screen there is a clear reduction of the frames to accommodate a larger screen, without unduly damaging the overall dimensions of the smartphone. What has been the new concept of screens without frames with 18: 9 aspect ratio .

Crystal, metal, curved lines …

In the back of this Nokia X a change of aspect is appreciated, with the conjugation of more angular lines. We refer to those points of termination of the corners, which shows a slight lateral curvature. A finish that looks for appearance, but also ergonomics.

In this regard, the surface of the mobile apparently shows a termination in crystal , although there are also insertions in aluminum . Of course, we must also mention the provision of a double rear camera . There are no more flashes about your hardware, but they do not make sense in a model like this, which focuses on making a design change obvious. The rest of the details, better resort to the images of the galleries and the video itself, through which you can know more precisely to what extent the design of Nokia X.

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