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How to write in Morse code with Gboard for Android

How to write in Morse code with Gboard for Android

Despite being a novelty that went unnoticed due to the, Google announced the inclusion of Morse code in Gboard , your mobile keyboard, during the first day of I / O 2018.

The inclusion of this feature was inspired by the developer Tania Finlayson, who communicates through the movement of her head that they are transformed into Morse code, and later into words. Now, all Google keyboard users can already try this feature and see what it’s like to communicate through Morse code directly from the mobile.

Gboard already allows you to write in Morse code: so you can do it

Initially, this option is available in the Gboard version for Android , and at the moment it is only accessible in the beta version of the application. Therefore, the first step to be able to write in Morse code in Gboard, will be access the beta program of the keyboard through Google Play.

Google Play Testing – Gboard

Once registered in the beta program, in the Google Play page of Gboard a warning will appear indicating that, indeed, we have adhered to the testing program.

Now it’s time to enable Morse code as a writing method , which by default remains hidden in the application. To do this, you must follow these steps:

  1. Open the Gboard settings through “Settings”> “System”> “Language and introduction”> “Virtual keyboard”
  2. Once inside, access the section of “Languages” .
  3. Add a new keyboard from the bottom button, selecting the language “English (USA)” .
  4. Finally, access the options of the language that has just been added, and from the carrousel at the top, look for the type “Morse code” .

Following these steps, a new adjustment panel will appear, allows you to configure the different parameters of the morse writing , among them the language, the sound of the keys and more.

Finally, it only remains to select the Morse code as a writing language through the keyboard itself. For this, in any application where it is possible to deploy the keyboard, it will be necessary to make a long press on the space bar, and select the last option, which will correspond to the Morse code.

Now it is possible to write through Gboard using the Morse code. However, the Google project goes further. The company has enabled, created by the own developer Tania Finlayson, destined to teach the language in a simple way to all those who are not familiar with the Morse.