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How to watch Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson match: Live stream, Pay-per-view info

The match can be the most unique golfing we have ever seen. Hell, it calls a broadcasting may not be…

The match can be the most unique golfing we have ever seen. Hell, it calls a broadcasting may not be a correct categorization. It could be a live gambling show with some golf photos mixed in from Vegas. It can be nothing but a pay-per-view sports entertainment event with the actual golf just a vessel to make a cadre of people a lot of money (there are many executive types with their hands in this case).

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson take golf to pay-per-view in an experiment that can be a new model for pro golfers at the highest level. The TV match is not new. It has been a part of American golf for decades, with almost all legendary players included in some video games played back to black and white TV days. But it has been a generation since we had one, the last round that came in the early 2000s with the “Monday Night Golf” series. We have never had any of these on pay-per-view.

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It’s maybe the only risk Tiger and Phil are taking here. The bag is a winner-take-all $ 9 million bucket of money but makes no mistake, both players get out of this with a nice payday. The risk may be to take this behind a paywall, which forces people to make a tougher choice than they normally would have on a Friday after Thanksgiving. We can never hear exactly the exact numbers of how many people buy the match, but if it flop, it would probably affect how they approach the next. And unless this is a total failure, the idea is to have one next. There can not be another Tiger v. Phil blow, but both legends see this as a potential start to a new business model where they have an effort.

This is not a golf broadcast for the golf nuts. They had a whole set of sleepy autumn series events to watch. The idea here is to break away and stand out from the gluten of the PGA Tour stroke play events. There are too many on schedule for a league that takes care of its sprawling faceless middle better than anyone else. The players own and operate the PGA Tour and the priority plays opportunities and paychecks for the entire club. The stars that actually draw interest and can carry shifts probably do not get a truly proportional cut of things. That’s what makes the thought of two superstars that go one-on-one for a lot of money, a possible replicable model.

Marketing and marketing have liked the Vegas game. It’s a broadcast and an event to scoop a wider audience, not the set of golfnuts that care about the course set or The Masters’ low amateur or love in the game.

 Match: Tiger vs. Phil - Practice Round and Press Conference

Tiger and Phil are intercepting on Tuesday’s press conference.

Watches and whistles we’ve never seen

The broadcast will not see anything we’ve seen before in golf. There will be live odds and probabilities on the screen based on course mapping data and the two players ShotLink data profiles. As Phil gets ruthless with a certain bet on how he will pull off a particular shot or win a hole, you should be able to tell the likelihood of it happening, like watching cards during a pro-poker broadcast.

There will also be a drone camera that is strongly involved in the production. Drones are now common when shooting the golf course’s football, but there are rules for using them when tournaments are available on the following grounds. So we’ve never seen one used directly over a live golf event and it should be a cool new angle to see the whole hole.

There will be microphones on the players and caddies the entire game as well. Tiger probably assumed the assumption that his all words and motion could be downloaded, but now we get it in connection with a match with Phil. The wandering reporter Shane Bacon does not need to whistle a microphone on his face and without commercials, the discussion and the joke between shots will be crucial to the broadcast.

All of these elements may be what we will see more of along the line. Or we’ll never see them again if it fails spectacularly. But the PGA Tour ran for legalization of games and embraced it, largely thanks to the business opportunity of all proprietary ShotLink data they own. So we will see live bet and live odds and probabilities incorporated in the pro game a lot more. We have been spinning for years for mic players and caddies. It has improved significantly due to production life, but full access with the players about wearing microphones is often lobbied as the next step. And the drone view is the kind of technology we should expect more, as cameras become more mobile.

Tiger and Phil knew they agreed unlimited access to really do this thing, although it meant that mics on all and noisy drones hover over their shots. It’s an event made for television and we will get new watches and whistles that should be the future of how more golf looks on TV.

Talent Abuse

According to reports, traditional golf broadcasting networks NBC / Golf Channel and CBS Sports continued and an agreement with ESPN for a TV series around July 4th fell through. Turner won the bid for this TV event and they have pushed the opportunity to spread everything around the new WarnerMedia empire. So we get a Turner production with an HBO 24/7 show and some PPV distribution on AT & T and DirecTV and a stream on the Bleacher Report Live app.

There will also be a pre-match show that works hard to get the last minute PPV buyer. The show starts at 2 ET, one hour before the match and will include Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson, and the often Cussin PGA Tour Pro Pat Perez. The host will be Adam Lefkoe and the preparation of one hour will be free from the Bleacher Report platforms. It can be a fun show with a lot of curses and possibly some interviews with Phil and Tiger when they warm up and things get less giggly and more excited about the range. There will also be a chance to show you Shadow Creek, which is a complete fantasy land on a golf course built in the middle of the flat desert.

There are a lot of homes around that golf course now but it does it still does not seem like the best natural use of the area!

The message game for the actual match is an abuse of talent from multiple networks. TNT’s Ernie Johnson will have the conversation with Darren Clarke and NBC’s Peter Jacobsen who will give the analysis. It is unclear how much hard-going golf analysis is needed for an event that primarily plays entertainment. Bacon and LPGA pro Natalie Gulbis are journalists on the field during the match. It’s a solid group that should make things fun and keep it moving without advertising to fill up much of the “between time” when they go to shots and go to different holes.

Nuts and Bolts

Here’s a golf experiment and the broadcast will illustrate that point more than anything else. It should look and feel and sound different from what we have seen at a golf show. Here are your nuts and bump details on how to watch the match:

The match starts : 3 p.m. ET

Price : $ 19.99

Online Streaming: B / R Live

TV: You can buy via DirectTV or AT & T U-Verse. The event will also be distributed through other providers such as Comcast, Charter, Cox, Verizon and Altice in the United States and Rogers, Shaw and Bell in Canada through INDEMAND and Vubiquity

Watch in 4K: DirecTV Channel 106 offers a 4K edition for $ 29.99.

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