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How to watch the Eurovision Final 2018 live from your mobile


The Eurovision Festival has gone from the ostracism of the mid-nineties, to the enormous wave of popularity that is living in the last years of this decade. Now Amaia and Alfred have the responsibility of leaving the Spanish pavilion very high, something that is not difficult. We tell you How to watch the Eurovision Final 2018 live from the mobile.

He Eurovision Festival it has gone from total ostracism to a second youth, with millions of people following it throughout Europe, especially thanks to the rise of social networks.

How to watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2018

This year, once again, we have different alternatives to see live the gala, which in this edition is held in Lisbon, as a result of the victory of Salvador Sobral in the last edition. On this occasion, as you know perfectly well if you have seen only one minute of television in these last months, our representatives are Amaia and Alfred , winner and participant of Operación Triunfo, who will sing ” Your song “A theme loved and hated in equal parts by the spectators of all Spain. Well, leaving aside the “critical” music, which is not our mission, we went on to tell you about the alternatives to watch the 2018 Eurovision Festival from your mobile.

How to watch the Eurovision Final 2018 live from your mobile

The first one has no mystery, and it is the follow the gala through Televisión Española , for which we will obviously need download the app of the public entity , so much for Android as for iOS . The gala will begin at 9:00 p.m. on the peninsula , so from that moment we can see it live from the app. Although there is another interesting alternative to see this final gala.

Eurovision Song Contest 2018 on YouTube

This year we will also be able to follow live the Final Eurovision 2018 Gala through YouTube , thanks to official channel of the Festival on the video platform , because it is another alternative to be able to see the Festival in real time from the mobile. further Google has created a page where right now we can check the predictions of the winners for the Final , based on the searches carried out so far by Internet users, a classification in which we did not go out well with the Spanish representation.

How to watch the Eurovision Final 2018 live from your mobile

How to watch the Eurovision Final 2018 live from your mobile

Recall that it is about edition number 63 of the Eurovision Song Contest , which we have not won since the 1960s. Amaia and Alfred they will have to fight against 20 other countries, which have qualified in the qualifiers held during this week. We only have to wish him luck and Amaia and Alfred, because surely they will need it. To complement this final, while enjoying its broadcast, we can also rely on the official app of the contest, in which we can follow the details of the gala and all participants, an app Eurovision Song Contest that we can download so much for Android as for iOS .