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How to use YouTube with the screen off


YouTube is, without a doubt, the most used streaming video service. The problem is that officially, unless you sign up for YouTube Red, you can not use YouTube with the screen off . And here is where it comes YouTube Vanced , a mod that allows us to view YouTube content in the background from the mobile. And you do not need to be a ROOT user to install it!

To start this Youtube mod for Android It has been created by the guys at XDA so we can guarantee that the application is virus free and works really well. The application is very light, it weighs less than three megabytes and it is not necessary to have super user permissions to use it, so it will become an ideal complement if you want to listen to your favorite YouTube songs with the screen off.

How to use YouTube with the screen off

These are the features offered by YouTube Vanced

We can consider that YouTube Vanced is the best extension for YouTube that you can find available. And completely free!

Do you want to enjoy YouTube with the screen off? You just have to download the YouTube Vanced APK , install the application on your smartphone and play any video you want.

You will see that, when you click on the home button, the video appears on the reduced screen so you can use other applications while you enjoy the great song of the year. In addition, if you turn off the screen of your phone the application will continue playing the audio of the video in question that you are playing.

How to use YouTube with the screen off

How to use YouTube with the screen off

In addition it has to be said that this powerful application to enjoy the YouTube videos with the screen of our smartphone turned off It also has other really interesting functions. One of the most we will use is the ability to play any YouTube video in the background.

And that is to begin with YouTube extension for Android it allows us to zoom in on any video that we are playing. Further. Another advantage is the possibility of changing the reproduction speed, in addition to setting a predetermined resolution.

Do you want more? You have different themes available to select the one you like most so that you have a totally YouTube version that works with the screen off. Finally, say that you have to download two files for YouTube Vanced to work at full capacity.

On the one hand you need to download MicroG vanced to be able to identify yourself from this YouTube mod, and on the other hand you have to download the application that will allow you to play videos on YouTube with the screen off . We leave you the link of download for MicroG and YouTube Vanced . Enjoy it!