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How to use Android on an iPhone X

Surely most of the most advanced users of the place will know the solutions of Sand Studio, and is that…

How to use Android on an iPhone X

Surely most of the most advanced users of the place will know the solutions of Sand Studio, and is that the developer after the popular AirDroid application got not only to position AirDroid itself as one of the platform’s most important applications at the time of offering connectivity and continuity between smartphone and PC, but also that Google implemented several of its functionalities natively on Android.

Anyway, the pull of AirDroid has not diminished a bit despite the native improvements, as the app allows Android users to receive a solution similar to the function Continuity from Apple , displaying smartphone notifications directly on Windows PCs or on a Mac, as well as receiving and sending messages, transferring files between devices, and much more …

AirDroid is the ideal application if you want to control your Android phone from any PC with Windows or from an Apple computer with Mac OS, although taking into account the gradual loss of meaning that “classic” personal computers are having in most homes, surely the new Sand Studio app that offers similar functionality aimed at tablets and smartphones have still much more room.

In fact, it is easier to find today a people with multiple mobile devices -Sand Studio tells us that the average user has between two and four devices and that the percentage will continue to increase gradually- than to regular users of a conventional PC in the home -devices with sales figures in decline for years-, so AirMirror certainly seems to make a lot of sense and I’m sure you’ll love it.

How to use Android on an iPhone X

How to use Android on an iPhone X

AirMirror is the remote desktop among mobile devices that you were waiting for …

Is about an app to unite and control them all , and we do not mean to duplicate screens, something already very extended thanks to Smart TV, but to control a smartphone from another smartphone or tablet similar to a remote desktop, and even able to do it between different platforms.

Do not go running now to download the necessary applications, and that AirMirror will allow us to control any computer or Android device that has AirDroid installed, but the iOS app is still in development and will be released soon . For the moment some lucky people have tried it and the result seems to be, simply, impressive …

With AirMirror you can soon control an Android smartphone or tablet from an iPhone , and also to the joy of many the configuration is not complicated , although some simple steps must be followed to enable remote access on the phone if it is not found rooted . The configuration manual is detailed in the AirDroid app, and the only thing we should enable on the smartphone in advance is the mode of development by pressing several times on the compilation in the system settings.

How to use Android on an iPhone X

How to use Android on an iPhone X

Those who have been able to prove it can tell us that the configuration is done in more or less a minute of clock , and that everything AirMirror offers is worth spending a minute of our time. Here is a quick list extracted from the descriptions of Sand Studio:

  • Configuration options to adjust the quality and operation according to the Internet connection used
  • Remote control device to mobile device, even between platforms with full control of Android from an iOS device
  • Possibility of configuring several controllable devices, and easy exchange between them from a single screen
  • Lock and unlock the device, volume control and gesture assistant, all in remote
  • Full Android interface with functional navigation buttons
  • Support for remote keyboard AirIME to improve the synchronization of actions with the keyboard

How to use Android on an iPhone X

How to use Android on an iPhone X

AirMirror (free) | Google Play

An application that will undoubtedly delight many users who expected a similar solution for a long time, and who It also adds the ability to control Android devices from an iPhone or iPad and not only from PCs or Mac , something that impresses given the obvious differences between platforms.

AirMirror will have to talk when it arrives at App Store on iOS, although if you are Android users you do not have to wait to try it, because in the Google Play Store is ready and functional for free download.

Sand Studio says that the iOS version is already sent to Apple for validation , so it should not take more than a couple of weeks to get to the iPhone and iPad tablets as well. Impatient or what? If you try it on Android, let us take part in the comments …

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