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How To Stop Hypnagogic Jerk?

What Is Hypnagogic Jerk? Have you ever been jolted awake by the sensation of falling, just as you were drifting off…

What Is Hypnagogic Jerk?

Have you ever been jolted awake by the sensation of falling, just as you were drifting off to sleep? Perhaps you have had a hallucinatory dream that seemed really like a memory? In hypnagogic jerk, suddenly jerking motions of the legs or whole body occurring at the moment of falling asleep. In very few cases, at the jerk time, sleep twitch is accompanied by a scream or shout as his body reacts to the violent nature of this phenomena.

How To Stop It?

1. Reduce Caffeine :

You may reduce your hypnic jerk by reducing your caffeine. Avoid taking caffeine in the afternoon and evening. If you take coffee in the afternoon or evening time, then it may affect you at on your overnight sleep.

2. Exercise :

Exercise helps to fit your body. But, there are appropriate times of the day when you should be exercising. Do exercise at morning time. If you do it too close to your bedtime, this could cause hypnagogic jerks.

3. Take herbal teas :

There are instances in which being sleep deprived can invite hypnic jerks.  Herbal Tea is perfect for it. It helps to release healthy properties of antioxidants. It helps you to attain a good night’s sleep, you may try drinking herbal tea before bedtime.

4. Mediation :

Meditation is one of the best treatment for fitness. It helps to boost your immunity and make your body healthy and fit naturally. The meditation can also help to relieve those negative feedback loops that will make you dread going to bed.

5. Avoid Smoking :

Smoking is a leading contributor to damage almost every organ in your body and is directly responsible for lots of diseases. It can impact all part of your body, especially – brain, heart, lungs, bones and immune system. Smoking can reduce the quality of your sleep.

6. Avoid stress :

Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain. It is a difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension. Many people feel stress or anxiety makes their hypnic jerks worse. So try to avoid stress.

7. Sleep in a comfortable position :

Sleep in uncomfortable position can cause hypnic jerks. So always sleep in a comfortable position.

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