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How to set reminders in Gmail

493 Gmail yesterday received a major update for its desktop version including new features such as phishing protection, a new…


Gmail yesterday received a major update for its desktop version including new features such as phishing protection, a new confidential mode or smart responses that already existed in the app for smartphones, but this last platform also receives some extra features, since now we can Set reminders in Gmail.

And is that we are many users who read the mail through our smartphone, so Google wants to facilitate life by bringing artificial intelligence to our Android device, and makes it easier to manage our mail even more

Set reminders in Gmail: so you do not forget anything

How many times has it happened to us that an important mail comes in at the most inopportune moment and although we try to keep it in our brain, we do not always do it and we end up answering later than we would like.

The new Gmail feature for Android is called Snooze , and to use it we only have to press in the overflow menu (the one that allows us to move mails, mark them as important, etc.), click on the new function. Snooze for Gmail allows us to choose a specific time for a mail to return to ping in our inbox, avoiding that we forget to answer it to be lost among the remaining messages that come later.

How to set reminders in Gmail

We have a total of 6 functions They include answering more hot, answering tomorrow, answering this week, next week, answering some day (for less urgent emails) and finally, setting a personalized reminder by choosing day and time.

We will also have high priority notifications

The news in the app is not limited to configuring reminders in Gmail, but also we will have the possibility to establish a new mode without interruptions in which we will only be notified of the most important emails, in order to minimize distractions.

How to set reminders in Gmail

How to set reminders in Gmail

Gmail wants your email to be as clean and tidy as possible, which is why it complements high priority notifications with new recommendations for unsubscribe from mailing lists , a function that more than one will receive as water of May, and that allows us to stop receiving that advertising to which one day we subscribe and from which we always forget to deactivate. This new function makes use of artificial intelligence and we recommend the low depending on how many emails we receive from that sender and how many we actually read, in order to be able to deduce whether or not they are of interest to us.

It does not depend on a specific version of Gmail

Contrary to what we can believe, these new features are not associated with the latest available version of the Android app (v 8.4), as it seems that new features will gradually appear in our smartphones, so it is about launch by stages, and each user can receive it at a different time in the coming weeks. Wishing we are to try them.

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