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How to send empty messages on WhatsApp to your contacts


If by empty message we understand that although it is composed of many words and phrases its content does not tell us anything, yes, we can send all that we want with the application. But if we want send empty messages on WhatsApp literally, for whatever reason, the app does not leave us, but there are alternatives.

A few days ago we knew that one of the most expected functions of Whatsapp It could be very close to reaching the application. We speak specifically of video calls, available in many other messaging apps, but not in WhatsApp so far.

Send empty messages on WhatsApp, yes, you can

As we say, every day we receive many messages on WhatsApp that we might consider as empty content, at least if we take into account that no matter how much text or multimedia content they have, they do not tell us anything. But today we refer to the literality of the word “empty”. Since what we are going to tell you is how to send empty messages in the messaging app . Obviously I leave to your choice the reason why you would send a message of this type to your contacts in a chat.

How to send empty messages on WhatsApp to your contacts

The fact is that if we try to write something without content and send it in WhatsApp, for example by pressing the “space” key several times, until we create an empty message without content, the app literally tells us that “you can not send an empty message” . Well, as usual, there is an app for everything, even for this apparently superficial topic such as sending empty messages with WhatsApp. This app is called Blank Message (for WhatsApp) , an obvious name if we consider what it is used for. The operation of the app is quite simple, although it is not fully integrated into WhatsApp.

How to send empty messages on WhatsApp to your contacts

How to send empty messages on WhatsApp to your contacts

And that when executing it, we must select how many rows or long characters we want the empty message to have what are we going to send? In other words, the length or size of the empty text box that our contact will see in the app.

Download Blank Message (for WhatsApp) from Google Play Store

Once introduced the characteristics of the message, we must press on copy to the clipboard of Android, and then we go to the chat room where we want to send the message. We just have to paste the content and send it. Now even if the message is visually empty, behind it, its code is full of content. The result will be an empty text box that will undoubtedly disconcert your contacts.